West Nile alarm, cases are growing in the Venetian area: "12 people with serious pathology in hospital"

West Nile alarm, cases are growing in the Venetian area: “12 people with serious pathology in hospital”

MESTRE – The cases of West Nile in the Venetian area are growing, while yesterday morning and tonight the extensive disinfestation planned between Malcontenta and Oriago was carried out, straddling the Municipalities of Venice and Mira, following the latest outbreak recorded by Ulss 3 Serenissima, with five full-blown cases of infection. In all, since the beginning of the summer, the health company has counted 68 case reports which, based on symptoms, could lead to suspicion of a Nile fever infection. Of these, exactly half have been ascertained: 34, which, in turn, are divided as follows: 7 without symptoms and 27 with symptoms. Among the latter there are also 16 neuroinvasive forms, meningitis or encephalitis, which in four cases have unfortunately led to the death of patients, already known in recent days.

The treatment

The 12 who currently have the most serious pathology are all hospitalized, but luckily no one is in resuscitation or life threatening. The other 9 have fever and flu-like symptoms. It is interesting that the 7 without symptoms, who therefore never knew they had the virus, were identified as blood donors who underwent routine checks in view of the periodic donation (obviously stopped), at the Angel’s transfusion center. . And, therefore, numbers in hand, even the province of Venice is not immune to the wave of West Nile that is affecting the whole of Veneto, with its epicenter above all in Padua. “With each new case, the geolocation of the place of residence of the interested party is triggered and also the verification of his frequentations”, says Vittorio Selle, director of the Department of Prevention of the Ulss 3. The contagion is never directed between people, because it infects it is rather the bite of the common mosquito of the Culex Pipiens type which acts as a vector carrying the virus from the infected point in the first instance, to the other subjects which it bites later. It is particularly striking from dusk onwards and at night. As there is no vaccine or a specific drug, the best strategy to prevent West Nile is to protect yourself from mosquitoes and therefore it is important to wear long clothes and use repellents because, explains Selle, “a mosquito bite can sometimes not even be that event. banal that we all know, it causes us a little itch and then passes ».

Yesterday, the planned disinfestation was carried out between Malcontenta and Oriago following the latest cases that have emerged: in the morning that of the larvicidal type, with products distributed on manholes, drains and land, to eliminate any new larvae; at night, on the other hand, with the adulticide, the cloud of insecticide fired from the van that passed through the streets during the small hours by means of a vaporizer, in turn, kills the already adult and flying mosquitoes. “Larvicidal treatment is usually sufficient in rural areas. In the more inhabited urban areas, it is necessary to add the adulticide », underlines Barbara Palazzi, hygienist. Adulticidal action is required when more drastic action is required to guarantee public safety and security. The news of the spread of a new cluster such is when the second case found is located within two kilometers from the place of residence of the first and within 15 days from the manifestation of the symptoms of this index case put the population of Malcontenta in early warning, even more so when it became known that there are actually two outbreaks, one following the other, with the same origin: the 90-year-old patient hospitalized in Mirano who, despite himself, was obviously bitten by mosquitoes that have then infected four other people, two of whom were hospitalized. West Nile is a summer disease linked to the proliferation of mosquitoes. “The change of season will bring a reduction, especially due to the advent of rains”, observes Francesca Capretta, hygienist. Waiting for autumn, the alert can only remain high.

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