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Sustainable rubber will take place in Malgesso. The Mise finances an Ilpea research project

Ilpea Italyspecialized in the production of components in the supply chains automotive, domestic appliances and buildingwith production plants a Malgesso (Varese) and Limp (Pordenone), will be part of a investment program in 4.0 technologies also financed by the Mise.
The minister Giancarlo Giorgetti it has in fact authorized an innovation agreement with the company it envisages research and development activities aimed at construction of an experimental plant to be used for the production of innovative materials, thermoplastic rubbers characterized by greater elasticity and heat resistance, which aim to contain the energy consumption of production systems, reduce waste / waste and emissions into the air and aqueous wastewater.


The resources to finance the intervention are altogether equal to 7.6 million eurosof which the ministry of economic development offers concessions for approx 1.8 million euros. Co-financing of the regions of Lombardy and Friuli Venezia Giulia.

“Mise supports the investments of companies that, through the quality of their products, contribute to making our supply chains competitive on the markets, from the automotive sector to household appliances passing through the building sector – declares Giorgetti – To achieve this result it is important to continue to support research and industrial development activities, in order to create innovative and environmentally sustainable production models ».

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Ilpea Italia spa. is a large company with offices in Malgesso (Varese) and Zoppola (Pordenone), dedicated to the production of gaskets for refrigerators, plastic and magnetic components (corresponding to the three divisions of the company) intended for the household appliance, automobile and construction industries. With the desire to increase the level of service to be offered to the company, in terms of product quality, safety, technological innovation, and to consolidate its competitive position, Ilpea’s project proposal aims at the construction on the Malgess siteor a pilot production plant, green, innovative, technologically advanced, aimed at production of innovative TPV materials (“Vulcanized and magnetic thermoplastic elastomers”, ie thermoplastic rubbers characterized by greater resistance to heat, fatigue and greater elasticity) with improved physical-mechanical characteristics, in order to contain the consumption of production systemswith particular regard to the reduction of the energy necessary for the process, to improve the working environment and reduce production waste / waste and emissions into the air and aqueous wastewater. The new plant will go alongside the existing existing production linesi, in order to expand the technological “park” that the Malgesso site is able to offer to companies interested in developing and marketing their products, making use of highly innovative technologies.


The total cost of the investments amounts to 7,668,750 euros (4,062,500 for industrial research activities e 3,606,250 for those of experimental development). The maximum concessions that can be granted amount to euro 1,993,875.00 (1,763,812.50 at the expense of Putin the form of a contribution to the expenditure; 45.750 borne by Region Friuli Venezia Giulia, in the form of a contribution to the expenditure e 184,312.50 borne by Lombardy regionalso in the form of a contribution to the expenditure).
In terms of employment effects, it is expected that the project can request the hiring of new workers in the industrialization phase.

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