Rome-Monza: Belotti presses, Abraham raises

Rome-Monza: Belotti presses, Abraham raises

ROME – We need the best Abraham. That of last season. Mourinho tries to stimulate him and after the goal that saved Roma in Turin he rejected the English. Mourinho was not tender after the game: «Great interview of Abraham, it seems that he played a great game … he played in a horrible way. We hope that today a player arrives who can give him a boost … ». The player has arrived, it’s Belotti. Abraham also knows that he will always have to give his all from now on, to play his chances at the World Cup and convince coach Southgate to give him space, but also to understand what will happen next summer. When Chelsea will have to decide whether to spend 80 million to bring him back to London.
With Tammy the Special One uses carrot and stick. Even against Juventus, the Englishman did not shine, but he scored a very heavy goal, which allowed him to break free after a dry summer. Tonight the center forward wants to repeat himself at the Olimpico against Monza, now the competition increases, but with the arrival of Belotti he will have the possibility to recover energy in some circumstances. The former grenade accepted Roma and decided to get involved. He doesn’t come to be a supporting actor. Abraham is recovering in top form, but he is still not at the level of last season. Last year he couldn’t stop even when he wasn’t in perfect physical condition. With the former captain grenade Roma will also have more offensive solutions, because Mourinho in some matches will be able to field the two center-forwards together. It could also happen during the race, when the result needs to be changed. It could already happen against Monza.
Abraham wants to keep winning with Roma and he knows that this year it is possible. We need his goals, he must try to repeat the record performance of the first season in Italy. In all, he put together twenty-seven goals, the best performance of a player in his first season in the Giallorossi. Numbers that not even Batistuta reached in his debut year at Rome. But in the new Giallorossi team, his way of playing the role of first striker has also changed. He has to open spaces for his teammates, often play with his back to the goal.

Destined to grow

Abraham proved to be an explosive center-forward with a great sense of goal. Adapting to the Italian league in the first season is not easy. He did it, contributing significantly to success in the Conference League. Mourinho had asked for another weight center forward, after having verified that neither Shomurodov, nor Felix (since yesterday he is officially a Cremonese player, a young man however discovered by Mourinho) could be an alternative for Abraham. Together the two strikers have an offensive potential of almost 300 goals, including goals scored in the national team. Without forgetting the other strikers, starting with Zaniolo, whose absence in Turin was felt a lot. Abraham is at 121, he began to stand out in Bristol City, at just twenty years old. Now that he is 25, according to Mourinho if he finds the right motivations, he can become one of the best European strikers around.

Here is the Rooster

Andrea Belotti at 28 is at 155, considering the 12 goals in blue, excluding those in the youth teams. In Taurus alone 113 goals overall. Tonight he will be on the bench and it is not excluded that he may enter the final match against Monza. Yesterday he was greeted on arrival in Trigoria by enthusiastic fans, with dozens of requests for selfies and autographs. When a girl asked him: «Are you going in against Monza?», Andrea replied with a smile: «I don’t know …», as if to mean that even for just a few minutes he feels ready.

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