Lazio - Napoli, da domani in vendita i biglietti: prezzi e modalità d

Lazio – Naples, tickets on sale from tomorrow: prices and methods of purchase

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On the methods of purchase and ticket prices for Lazio-Naples. Here they are below: The SS Lazio announces that, from 10:00 on Wednesday 31 August, the tickets for the championship match LAZIO – NAPOLI scheduled for Saturday 3 September at 20:45 will be on sale.

For this race the following prefectural restrictions will be applied:

For SS Lazio fans:

– free sale for the entire stadium (excluding the Curva Sud) for all residents of the Lazio Region.

– For residents of other regions, it will be possible to purchase only and exclusively the Curva Sud with the obligation of the Fidelity Card – Millenovecento Supporter Card (excluding the Eagle Card).

For Napoli fans:

Sale of the guest sector only reduced by 50% and the obligation of the Fidelity Card – Napoli Fan Card for residents of all regions of Italy.

For all foreign citizens not resident in Italy:

Only and exclusively on the day of the race, from 4.45 pm the ticket office will be open at the former youth hostel in Viale Delle Olimpiadi 61

It will be possible to purchase the coupons at:

– ON-LINE through the Vivaticket circuit (only online you can redeem the voucher for 19-20 season ticket holders for those who have not already used it, discounting the cost of the coupon through the voucher received from Vivaticket):

– Vivaticket sales points (here it will not be possible to use the 19-20 subscriber vouchers)

– The two discounted rates, 100% disabled and disabled in wheelchairs, both with accompanying persons, can only be purchased at Lazio Style 1900 stores.

These will be the access points to the Olympic Stadium for ticket holders:

– Via dei Gladiatori for Media tickets – Sponsor Hospitality – Tribuna D’Onore – Authorities and Monte Mario Tribune

– Piazza Lauro De Bosis for tickets for Tribuna Tevere, Distinti Sud Est and eventual Curva Sud

– Via Nigra-Stadio dei Marmi for the tickets for the disabled people in wheelchair

– Piazza Piero Dodi for the Curva Nord tickets – Distinct North East and North West – Tribuna Tevere

Please note that those who physically purchase a ticket at a point of sale are required to show their identity document, otherwise it will be impossible to issue the ticket (DL 8/2/2010 nr. 8).

Will not be considered as documents suitable for sale, all the latest generation licenses that do not show the indications of the place

of residence. In the free sale, the maximum number of tickets that can be purchased by a single person is four as per the provisions of the Observatory on Sporting Events. In this case it is possible to present for the other three people, even just a copy of the identity document.



We remind you that the sectors of the Curva Nord and the Tiber Parterre Laterale are sold out with season tickets.

A service fee of 3.30% will be applied to the cost of online coupons.

The reduced tickets for civil invalids at 100% and the non-ambulatory Tiber Tribune, both with a companion, can

be purchased only at Lazio Style 1900.

(**) Children born after 1/1/2006 can purchase a Reduced Ticket Under 16

4-year-old children born on or after 1/1/2018 can access the stadium free of charge and without a ticket upon presentation of an identity document or health card.

At the entrance, the identity check will be carried out on each individual spectator and it is therefore mandatory to show an identity document, including minors.

Only and exclusively on the day of the race, from 4.45 pm the ticket office will be open at the former youth hostel in Viale Delle Olimpiadi 61

At the same point of sale, Coni and Figc coupons will also be issued from this race but only and exclusively on the day of the race and only from 4.45 pm to 6.45 pm.

Click here to change the name of the coupons. Please note that to sell subscriptions with tariff

Whole, it is necessary that the person who receives it must be in possession of the Eagle Card or the 1900.


it will be possible to buy tickets for the GUEST SECTOR, from 10:00 on Wednesday 31 August

until 19:00 on Friday 2 September. Click here to access the Vivaticket website.

Prefectoral and PS restriction:

– Obligation of the Supporter Card for all residents of the Campania Region and not.

– Prohibition of name change.

– Capacity of the sector at 50% maximum 2,800 seats.

– Ban on the purchase of other sectors of the stadium.

To display a banner NOT CENSED BY THE OBSERVATORY at the stadium, it is mandatory to submit a request. Click here to download the form and then send it to the email: [email protected] Without the aforementioned request and subsequent authorization, no banners will be allowed to enter the stadium.

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