Men and Women, Davide Donadei clarifications on the relationship with Roberta

Men and Women, Davide Donadei clarifications on the relationship with Roberta

There fresh news last night that he saw Davide Donadei And Roberta of Padua having dinner together, is making the web murmur.

But what happened after dinner? The two former faces known to the public of Men and women did they spend the night together? Immediately after the evening, the former tronista published a story in which she showed herself in bed, in a hotel in Naples, completely alone but already Deianira Marzano he had speculated that they might have spent the night together writing:

Roberta Di Padua closed the comments … David Donadei shows he was alone (in the same suite he took with Clear) and she sure hid behind. But what a discomfort.

Then, always the influencer had continued:

In the period of the throne the Of Padua several times he had said and expressed a desire to be with Davide Donadei and they succeeded. At this point for me they felt secretly a Cleareven before, even if he said it was only there Of Padua to write to him. And of course as soon as he got up Clear in front it was seen in Naples with the Of Padua to spend the night together.

Instagram - Deianira Marzano - Davide and Roberta

A little while ago, a new indiscretion. A user who was staying in the same hotel as the tronista, assured Deianirathat David And Roberta they spent the night together. Obviously nothing for sure, but according to what users report, it would seem like this:

Hello DeiaI was in that hotel and I can assure you (as you can see I’m not a fake profile) that the lady spent the night with him.

Meanwhile, many have reported a Clear the photos and videos of the now ex-boyfriend together with the lady of the Throne Over. And she promptly specified that she is not interested in commenting on the matter. Here are her words:

I’m not going to see anything else, just don’t send me anything please, nothing. I ask you as a friend and thank you for your solidarity. Toast to us!

Also Roberta on his profile Instagram he has published stories in which he is in the car on the road and Deianira ironically said:

The lady is retiring after playing pool with hers tonight Daviduccio.

Instagram - Davide Donadei - Roberta from Padua 3

In these moments it was precisely to intervene Davide Donadei which, through his profile Instagramposted photos of the private chat with Roberta:

At the same time he also took the opportunity to clarify how things really are:

So guys I wanted to say two things. I posted the chats that took place between me and Roberta while I was with Chiara. Just to show you the respect that was there because then when I am targeted for disrespect, I go crazy. So I make this gesture. The chat was limited only to “happy birthday” as you have seen. From 29 July, when I made public the end of the story with Chiara, Roberta wrote to me only “How are you? Force!”. Just as hundreds of them wrote it to me, fine. That’s all. Yesterday, after the live broadcast, where I said I was alone in the hotel to eat a pizza, and it was no coincidence that Roberta was in Naples and then we decided to eat it together.

The former tronista continued:

If we had wanted to play strange games, as you are saying, I certainly would not have gone to eat pizza at the packed pizzeria 10 minutes from the center of Naples. I had a quiet evening, I ate a pizza with a person I knew. We had so many things to talk about thanks to the program and that’s it.

To conclude he said:

Then I also wanted to say something else. I’ve been alone for about two months so if I decide to see a girl, maybe, I don’t have to give anyone an account. So I don’t even understand the reason for the continuous photos yet. But it is right that it should be so because in the end we chose it. I don’t want to go to war because it’s not worth going to war, I want to show respect and our lives have to go on. I only tell you that if I had wanted to yesterday, no one would have seen me. So please try to understand and don’t always think in bad faith.

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