5 unforgettable things from the first Juventus Nedved - VIDEO

5 unforgettable things from the first Juventus Nedved – VIDEO

Pavel Nedved turns 50 today: here are five things about him that the Juventus fan absolutely cannot forget

Today Pavel Nedved turns 50. He spent the last 21 in Juventus, first of all as a player. Starting in 2001 Nedved he made a decisive contribution to regaining the Scudetto that had been missing at the Juventus home for 3 yearsalso due to his responsibility, given how fundamental he had been in 2000 in allowing Lazio to win their second tricolor in history. Then Pavel became the manager and vice president of a Juventus that dominated the 1910s like no other club had ever done in Italian football.. Both share the same passion, in the stands Nedved is not very different from what we saw on the pitch: the same desire to win or – if you want – the same hatred of defeat, even more accentuated today, which cannot unleash all its irrepressible energy on the green ground.

In the press conference of the summer of 2001, Nedved appears impeccable in a suit and tie and with clear ideas, both on the irreplaceable nature of Zinedine Zidane from whom he took the place, and on the ideal horizon of his Juventus choice: the dream of the Champions Cup (so said, just like once, a decade after the birth of the Champions League and 20 years before the Super League project). They certainly weren’t expected in those days the difficulties of insertion that Nedved would have found in Juventus, dissolved only in the second part of the season when Marcello Lippi created spaces of freedom for him which on the pitch translated into goals and a propulsive thrust that would have been one of the fundamental reasons for the championship won on 5 May 2002 (and here too Lazio has a part in the affair …). Nor could it be assumed that in the second season in Juventus Nedved would have earned so much attention to deserve the 2003 Ballon d’Or, a prize that he himself considered exaggerated because there were stylistically more refined players, but which was entirely justified by the modernity embodied by the Czech. And to understand what it means, just think about what Pavel Nedved would do today on a football field and it is reasonable to believe that it would work in the same way, adjusting with his movements much more than a tactical embarrassment of a team (who knows if they have never talked about this he and Merry…).

Of those first days in Juve, between enthusiasm and curiosity towards the new purchase, there are at least 5 unforgettable things about the first Juventus Nedved.
1) The split typhus. In Formello the Lazio supporters are openly divided into two factions. Choruses for the idol of yesteryear find opposition from those who consider him a traitor. On closer inspection, it is news that has a “historical” value. Usually, in the event of the transfer of the favorites to Juve, there is a unanimity of judgment and the condemnation without appeal of the “offender”
2) The portrait of Marcello Lippi. The coach introduces Nedved as follows: “An extraordinary driver, who can also guarantee us 10-12 goals per season”. It will not happen in the first year, where the contribution is well below expectations (4 goals, but the decisive one from Piacenza). At the second, the number 11 will score 14, the maximum of him with Juventus.
3) The prophecy of Vittorio Chiusano. On his first outing in Valle d’Aosta against a local selection Nedved scores 2 goals and thrills the 5,000 present. The Juventus president, who tends to be moderate in his utterances, sees enough to crown him: “There is a character, Pavel Nedved, who will soon enter the hearts of the fans: he is generous and does spectacular things”.
4) Nedved’s surprise. People cheer him anyway and everywhere. And Pavel does not hide his surprise, discovering that when a club accustomed to winning hasn’t been doing it for some time, his soul temperature also changes: «I didn’t expect a welcome like the one people have given me. When I was in Rome, it was said that supporters from the North are cold, but it seemed to me just the opposite ».
5) The unsatisfactory. It is only August 7, 2001, a few days have passed in the new environment, but Pavel Nedved immediately shows a side of his character: «I’m not happy with me yet. I believe it is my duty, as it is for all professionals, not to make a difference in form and to play as the coach wants. I have tried all the modules and I don’t prefer any ». More than the tactical issues, what stimulates him the most is other: «Yes, I feel a great responsibility in noting, as I knew very well, that here at Juventus you have to win at all costs, just win and that’s it. My personal responsibility, for now, is to prove that I am worthy of Juventus. For this I can only promise maximum commitment and reiterate that I want to win something important ».
Give even half of that Nedved to Juventus today. Because in every era there hasn’t been Juventus winning without people like him.

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