Gas, help in 10 days.  And for the petrol extension of the discounts

Gas, help in 10 days. And for the petrol extension of the discounts

“It is not excluded” that new measures against the dear energy they arrive only “after 9 September”. The eyes of Palazzo Chigi in practice are focused on the meeting of the EU Council of the energy ministers convened yesterday, just in ten days. The idea is that the reform of the energy market proposed by Brussels can at least unblock the so-called decoupling of energy prices.

And therefore, consequently, give way to a first change of pace, to be followed by more substantial measures. But only if, those who work daily together with the premier think Mario Draghi, “It will be possible to make the measures that already exist work well”. Translated: for new aid it is necessary to collect the 9 billion euros of extra profits that about forty energy companies have not yet paid. “The census is underway, as is the interlocution,” he explains, “If they don’t pay them, there will be severe penalties.”

Gas, European price ceiling: Berlin opens, Italy optimistic. EU towards agreement on price cap

On the other hand, there is no particular optimism around the imposition of a European ceiling on the price of gas. Even the German opening that arrived yesterday – explain government sources – cannot be considered a signal that the situation has reached a turning point. “It is premature to talk about a result,” they specify. In any case, preparations continue to start this last month of government in the best possible way.

In the interlocutory meeting held yesterday between Undersecretary Roberto Garofoli and the Economy Ministers Daniele Franco and the Ecological Transition Roberto Cingolani, in addition to drawing a picture of the energy situation, other “non-marginal” measures were also started. These include the further extension, until after September 20, of the controlled price for diesel and petrol. This morning, however, a meeting of the heads of cabinet of all the ministries is scheduled to take stock of the implementation of the government plan and the NRP.


In fact, the pressing of the parties was ignored. That of “no deviation” remains an immovable position of Palazzo Chigi which, authoritative sources point out, governs and does not campaign. An indirect response to those who propose the convocation of all party leaders to speed up the expensive bills. But also to those who insist on asking for a debt intervention to calm the prices of energy in their bills. The theme splits the sides in an unprecedented way: the Cinquestelle of Giuseppe Conte, the Lega of Matteo Salvini, but also Antonio Tajani of Forza Italia (“if it serves to help families”, percisa) are in favor of the deviation. Tepid is the third pole of Carlo Calenda, which in recent days had opened up to the possibility. Contraries, however, Brothers of Italy and the Democratic Party, with the economic manager dem Antonio Misiani who attacks: “Right on the dear energy have few ideas and confused.”

But what also divides is the proposal for an “armistice” between the leaders, launched by Calenda – who had spoken of a “time out” of the electoral campaign to find solutions on gas – and endorsed by Salvini. An idea that clashed with the coldness of Enrico Letta (who returns from Vicenza to ask for a “very rapid intervention” from the government). But even with a fundamental criticism of the forcers. “We are absolutely available to sit at a table with the government and the other majority forces to give answers on the expensive bills – says Tajani to the Messenger – But if anything, Draghi must convene the meeting, certainly not Calenda”. Summit in which, according to the blue coordinator, “Giorgia Meloni should also participate”, although FdI does not support the executive: “We are in the electoral campaign and it is right to involve everyone”.

For her part, the leader of FdI has no intention of escaping: “I am ready to go to Parliament tomorrow to discuss the cut in the cost of bills”, reiterates Meloni, according to which to begin with “the state can cut energy taxes, for instance”. «I – adds the president of FdI from the stage in Catania – are for citizenship users, not for income. Because citizens cannot run out of energy at home. Let’s call everyone together and compare all our ideas ». Matteo Renzi is also clear: “On the bills either action is taken immediately or half the economy of this country blows up”, warns the head of Italia viva, according to whom “Draghi decides” on the difference. But beyond the clashes, the appeal of the parties remains unanimous: “Be quick”.


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