Non sopporti Stirare? 3 trucchi per dire addio al ferro da stiro!

Can’t Stand Ironing? 3 tricks to say goodbye to the iron!

How can the iron be used as little as possible? between tips that have been handed down for generations and the 2.0 tips of influencers. There are at least 3 things that can surely make us reduce the load of laundry to be ironed, let’s see what they are …

Even the housewives less desperate have theirs Achilles heel, what, among the housework, they would never want to have to do. Almost always, when asked, “what would you never want to have to do between housework? ” most of women answers: “press“. This becomes the reply even more frequent when summer temperatures rise and the iron becomes a kind of divine punishment. But there is a way to be able to avoid ironing our garments? or press at least the bare minimum? Of course, as with all things, apart from taxes and death, some said, there is one solution also for this. The bulk of the match is played in the washing machineonclothes hangers and indryer. To avoid sessions from iron that exceed two hours, the password is: to prevent. Here then 3 moves to do to avoid going from the basket of the washing machine directly onironing board.

Decrease the revolutions of the centrifuge

washing machine

The first trick to avoid the appointment with the steam of the iron is to set the program correctly washing machine. If it is true that a centrifuge a 800 And 1000 turns will give you back the garments perfectly squeezedwhich will then dry earlier, is the same real that these same garments will come out of there completely wrapped around themselves and wrinkled. Whatever it is, therefore, the program you have chosen it will be important to decrease the revolutions of the centrifugebringing them at least to 600. With this setting yours laundry it will come out less dry, but certainly less badly dressedso you’ll have to have more patience as for drying, but on the other hand you can avoid then of having to press.

Spread Thoroughly

drying rack

From the washing machine, therefore, we arrive at the clothesline. If you have followed my first advice you should have garments a little more loaded with water and therefore, if you use theclothes hangers and not the dryer, you will probably have to be more patient to be able to retire completely dry, especially if you roll out on days when there is no full sun. Having said that, however, what matters to achieve ours objective and how you will lay out laundry, in order not to have to pass everything under the iron. I leave you some suggestions depending on the type of garment to hang:

  • T-Shirt: do not put the clothes pegs on the neckline, shoulders, or sleeves. Not only will they dry out so “messy“, But the signs will remain on and then in addition to surely owe them pressyou will also have to revise in such a way energetic on the marks they will have left pliers. Pinzatele instead “upside down”, try to spread them out as much as possible and then turn them without clothespinsplacing them directly on the clotheslineto ensure that the part that has taken less sun receives it wiping completely.
  • Jackets and shirts: being able to get one out of the iron unscathed shirt or one jacket it’s a real feat, who just has never decided to learn a press he knows he is condemned to send these to the laundry leaders if you don’t want to iron them. However, if you are stubborn and want to give it a try, try after reducing the centrifugeto spread the shirts or jackets already on crutch. You may be lucky enough to cross the right astral conjunction and have a effect stretch-like.
  • Pants and Jeans: Try not to use clothespins and hang lighter trousers using the crotches, while for jeans and heavier fabrics use a vertical hanger, or if you have the traditional one, you must try to spread them out as much as possible using as much space as you can

In the dryer

laundry dryer

L’dryer it is one of the most mysterious appliances that exist. We certainly know that in order not to collect the clothes rolled up on themselves we have to put them in the dryer folded as if we owe them put away in the closets. Another thing to do is to open the dryer immediately when he’s finished, this is to prevent the condensation that is formed during the operations of drying, redeposits on the laundry making all the work null and void. You can use another trick to help the dryer in its work: put a ice cube along with the laundry, this will help soften the creases that could form during drying.


Then there are others little tricks that are handed down traditionally, like how to use the bottom of a saucepan hot to remove some creases instead of turning on the iron, or use the hair straightener to iron cuffs And collars shirts or, which is very common among the influenceruse the very powerful phone from last generation that dry and iron at the same time; this last trick is very useful especially when you are traveling and do not have an iron with you. Whatever trick you choose to use, start with one, and if you really can’t avoid itat least you will have content the use of iron.

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