Warning: the fake Amazon gifts scam is back

Warning: the fake Amazon gifts scam is back

He cons that wins you do not change: as we have been able to verify, they are turning again i fake Amazon messages on the equally fake 10,000 unsold products that will go as a gift to those who answer a short quiz. None of this is even in the slightest true, but the scam is well done and it is possible to fall for it. Fortunately, however, this scam turns more or less the same and, consequently, now we know it well.

Like many other phishingthis is also based on three levers that always work. There Before is the well-known brand, in this case Amazon; there second it is the social proof, in this case twofold (as we will see very soon); there third it is the amount of money that you risk if, in the end, it turns out that it is all false (in this case 1 euro or a little more). These three factors, put together, trigger the brain of the reader the idea that it could be a real Amazon initiative, with real gifts. Some technical detailshowever, on closer inspection they tell us right away that it is a beautiful and good scam.

Amazon gifts: the scam message

The fake Amazon gift scam always starts with a link tinyurl5.ru (fake Russian version of the well-known service to shorten web addresses, actually used only for scams) published by one of the our WhatsApp contacts on one or more groups, or directly to us. The message, therefore, probably comes from a person we trust but, in reality, it is only part of the scam mechanism.

By tapping on the link, in fact, a page that only apparently belongs to Amazon (but is actually hosted on a Russian domain) is opened with the smartphone browser. Page, in perfect Italiantell us:

Hi, we are pleased to announce that we will be giving away 10,000 products that are no longer salable because they are returned by our customers. Take this short quiz, find the hidden prize and win a fantastic exclusive gift for free!

All with the amazon logo and the same fonts and graphics used on the official website and in the Amazon smartphone app. In short, a job well done, a well-studied scam.

The positive reviews

There is no Amazon page without a slew of reviews to read well to understand if a product is valid, so the scammers have wisely inserted fake reviews on this fake site. Thousands and thousands of fake reviewsso the average user will read only the first, all randomly at 5 stars.

Reviews also written in perfect Italian, with fake photos and names and hundreds of reactions from as many fake users. Those who read these reviews, therefore, tend to trust.

The quiz and the payment

All this has only one purpose: to do lower defenses to the victim, who in the end trusts and does what the scammers ask: carry out a fake quiz (with questions like “Do you know Amazon?“) then choose from three packswith a tap.

This is the “hidden prize“above, which usually pops up on the second or third tap. But for”cash out“the prize is necessary send the scam message to at least 5 groups or to a greater number of individual WhatsApp contacts. The fake Amazon site counts the submissions and advances a completion bar until we’re done.

At this point there is the real scam: we did it all, we won the prize, but we have to pay for the shipping. For “fortune“, however, since it is a special initiative, shipping costs only one euro or a little more.

Logically, after paying, we will not receive any gifts because the whole initiative is fake and it is just a scam for stealing a lot of money from a lot of people.

How to defend against these scams

There are dozens of scams of this type (for years, not now) and they are all a lot similar to each other: a shortened link, an imitated brand, an unexpected but very welcome gift, in exchange for a small payment.

To implement the first defense mechanism you don’t even need special computer skills: common sense is enough. In 2022 after Christ, as in 2022 before Christ, no one gives anything away, least of all to strangers. It would be enough to always remember this to defend yourself from any threat.

If in doubt, however, a site “.ru must absolutely alarm, as well as any other site on foreign domain but in Italian. Furthermore, it is always good to remember that big brands never organize such initiatives, just to prevent someone from imitating them to commit scams.

Neither Amazon, nor Decathlon, nor any other major international companytherefore, will he ever ask us for money (not even 1 euro) for “to unlock“a gift: if it did, in fact, it would end up legitimizing millions of scammers around the world.

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