Facchinetti like Emis Killa: "Riccione is not safe"

Facchinetti like Emis Killa: “Riccione is not safe”

Riccione, Facchinetti controversy

The controversy related to the safety of Riccioneincluded in the ranking of the places with the best beaches in Italy according to National Geographic.

In recent days the rapper Emis Killa he had published a very harsh tweet against Riccione, defining it as a city that is not at all safe. Francesco Facchinetti did the same with a tough outburst on social media.

Unsafe Riccione: the outburst of Francesco Facchinetti

“Anyone who says it is a safe city is telling a lie,” he said Facchinetti – There are no controls. They could take anything away from you in this place, I have the right to walk around even with a gold bar in my hand, this does not justify it having to be robbed “

Facchinetti also turned to Claudio Cecchetto, current city councilor of Riccione: “You do something, I know you are doing everything to get this town back on its feet. Give us back the Riccione of once upon a time, when it was better than Ibiza. Now, however, it is not even worth the nail of Ibiza “.

Facchinetti’s outburst on social media created a stir debate among his followers. Many agree with him, but there are many users who have criticized the utterances of the artist son of art. Facchinetti himself responded to the criticisms thus:

“After my outburst in recent days in which I said that Italy is not a safe country, exactly what I thought happened – said Facchinetti through the stories of Instagram – Italy is a country full of ignoramuses, in the sense that they ignore reality, because to say Rome is not a safe city, Milan is not a safe city, Riccione is not a safe city, it does not mean that Milan, Rome or Riccione disgusts me.

I spent more than twenty years of my life in Riccione, it was the place where I enjoyed the most, I took my children there a lot of times. Analyzing the situation and saying the reality we must admit that we are in an unsafe country, whoever claims the opposite is a fool. In the end, those who get in the way are the citizens who go to one place believing they will find one thing and find another.

If out of a hundred people who go to Riccione or Milan, at ninety-eight everything is fine but two are robbed and are stolen, there is something wrong. With the taxation that we have in our country, everyone must feel safe, everyone must have a feeling of security. I don’t want to denigrate Rimini, Riccione, Milan, Florence, but I’m just saying that Italy is not a safe country! It is the most beautiful in the world but it is not safe, arguing the opposite is madness ”.

The Riccione “case”: the controversial tweet of Emis Killa

The words of Francesco Facchinetti follow the controversy sparked by Emis Killa regarding the safety of the locality of the Riviera Romagnola: the rapper, on August 21, had published a tweet in which he harshly criticized Riccione, indicated as an unsafe location:

“Riccione has become Marseille anyway – reads Emis Killa’s tweet – Once young people went there to have fun, families too. Now after 6pm if you are a nice guy you have to be afraid to take a walk along the boardwalk. We need batons in the knees ”.

The words of Emis Killa were followed by the response of the Riccione hoteliers through Bruno Bianchini of Federalberghi who, questioned by Corriere della Sera, declared: “That of Emis Killa is an image that does not correspond to reality, but it is the one that passes to people’s eyes”.

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