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WhatsApp: the revolution has arrived

It had been in the air for many months now, it had been announced several times and, finally, now it has arrived: we are talking about the possibility of make purchases directly on WhatsAppwithout ever leaving the app e paying directly online, with a card linked to WhatsApp. It is not a beta function, but a real possibility for millions of potential users, complete with an announcement on the official Meta blog, then relaunched by Mark Zuckerberg on his Facebook profile.

It starts fromIndiaa market on which today all the big techs are betting a lot, in collaboration with local e-commerce JioMart which, by the way, specializes in fresh products and not in canned and vacuum packed. The whole catalog of JioMart is already available to Indian buyers, who can shop online without opening the official ecommerce site but simply by sending a message via their WhatsApp profile to the official JioMart number. Number to which, of course, replies a bot which helps users complete the purchase and payment process.

How to buy on WhatsApp

The ability to shop via WhatsApp in India is currently limited to JioMartbut this experience “will revolutionize the way millions of businesses across India connect with their customers, bringing unparalleled simplicity and convenience to people’s shopping experience“.

Many beautiful words to say that buying through WhatsApp is very easy and immediate and, watching the video shared by WhatsApp that shows how to buy on JioMart through the chat app, the procedure is really easy.

You start by sending a message to JioMart’s WhatsApp Business number, which responds via a bot which, first of all, greets the customer and shows a button to start the procedure. Procedure that goes from a page “in app“of JioMart, that is a page that the user views directly inside the WhatsApp app and not by opening an external browser on the smartphone.

A sort of “app in app” which, in the case of JioMart, is divided into categories and sub-categories based on the goods on sale. For each product the name, a photo, the price (with possible discount) and the “+” for add it to cart. Then, as with any normal ecommerce, from the cart you can see the overall list of the products ordered, their cost and you can proceed to send the order and payment.

At this point you can choose between three payment methods:

  • Cash on delivery
  • Through the JioMart website
  • On WhatsApp

If the user chooses to pay on WhatsApp, then the transaction is handled by UPI, Unified Payments Interface: it is a real-time digital payment system developed by National Payments Corporation of India and is a technology platform directly regulated by the Indian government, therefore safe and official.

A very important thing, to note and to remember because it could be denied or changed in the future, is that nowhere in Meta’s official statement is there any mention of WhatsApp Premium, i.e. the paid version of WhatsApp Business. The new function, therefore, at least initially will be available to all Indian companies with a normal Business profile.

Revolution for WhatsApp

With the introduction of purchases in the app, WhatsApp officially becomes “adult“and leaves the instant messaging niche (in which it dominates unchallenged) and enters the open sea of”super app“, that is, the apps that can do more things and that compete with each other so that users do more and more things through them.

The weight of the challenge for WhatsApp is also growing, which now seriously risks becoming an exceptional tool for carrying out scams and scams: anyone, in fact, could open a fake online store and sell non-existent products to anyone and then run away with the loot.

It will therefore be very important for Meta to govern this properly very delicate transition phase so that the possibility of buying on WhatsApp leads to a revolution (and not an involution) of the app used today by over 2 billion users.

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