The prequel to "The Lord of the Rings": story of an arrogant and impulsive warrior

The prequel to “The Lord of the Rings”: story of an arrogant and impulsive warrior

from Stefania Ulivi

The TV series, which chronicles events that took place thousands of years before Frodo, will be released on Amazon on Friday 2 September

Five years of work, as five are the seasons in the pipeline, a budget of around one billion dollars. The Lord of the Rings. The rings of power, the most ambitious TV series ever, coming to Prime Video Amazon from 2 September. A prequel to the popular trilogy, set thousands of years before the events narrated by JRR Tolkien in his saga. The fourth most widely read book ever, after the Bible, is Mao’s Little Red Book and the Koran, of which Jeff Bezos, an iron Tolkienian, has acquired the rights (along with those of The Hobbit) in 2017.

We are in the second Era of Middle-earth history. An age in which the ravages seem a memory and the peoples who inhabit it – the Elves, the Dwarves, the Humans of the kingdom of the Nmenor, the Pelpedi, the nomadic ancestors of the hobbits – live together in peace. The only one not to enjoy the harmony, the only one to remember the wounds (Morgoth killed her beloved brother), suspecting that evil is not defeated forever, that his servant Suaron is gearing up and, as indeed will happen, prepare to return more powerful than ever, Galadriel. That is Morfydd Clark, the Welsh actress who has the most difficult task of the large cast, having inherited, but in a much younger version, the character entrusted to the history of cinema by Cate Blanchett in the film version of the Peter Jackson trilogy, which he signed also the three films based on The Hobbit. Together they grossed approximately $ 6 million. And the outcome of this series will say a lot about the future of streaming platforms, following the success of the first episode of House of the dragonprequel to game of Thronesbranded Hbo.

lucky to have those films as a reference, thanks to Cate Blanchett I can see how my character has evolved – said the actress presenting the series created by JD Payne and Patrick McKay and directed by Juan Antonio Bayona with Wayne Che Yip and Charlotte Brndstrm -. But for all of us, the starting point was Tolkien’s books. Also included The Silmarillion, released posthumously. I had never read it, I dived into it. Not just to learn about Galadriel but in general to understand what it felt like to live in Middle-earth during the Second Age. I also took the audiobook, every night I felt like I was entering that world. Her confrontation with Blanchett scares her but not too much, as if she’s a different character, she says. I think that Galadriel’s wisdom and serenity in the Third Age still do not belong to her, she will come from the awareness of having made mistakes in the past. Mine a young Galadriel, naf and, at the same time, arrogant and impulsive. a warrior who does not know the limits of her knowing about her, she has no intention of stopping. As the other elves advise her (above all King Gil Galad, here played by Benjamin Walker).

For her, as for everyone, a long physical preparation work. And not only. As a bilingual – explains Clark, born in Sweden -, I also found myself at ease with sindarin, the language invented by Tolkien. The first season was shot in New Zealand, the second will be in Great Britain. On the 2nd the first two episodes arrive, then one every Friday. It will be understood if, orphans of Frodo and Gollum, fans will be ready to embrace the series with the same enthusiasm reserved for films, to be passionate about the creation of the nineteen rings of power. Creators and producers ensure that every artistic license – narrative pivots, new characters like the elf Arondir (Puerto Rican actor Ismael Cruz Crdova) -, for which they have had the blessing of the Tolkien Estate, are in the author’s groove. The word goes to the public.

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