Gazidis: "Maldini? L

Gazidis: “Maldini? I hired him three times. Elliott-RedBird to take Milan to the top of European football”

Milan CEO Ivan Gazidis gave an interesting interview in the insert of Republic, Business & Finance. The Rossoneri manager talked about how Milan have been upset to success in the last four years and how it will continue in the near future when Gerry Cardinale and the RedBird fund will be at the helm.

The pillars of the strategy

Almost with pride, Gazidis retraced the work that has been done since his arrival in via Aldo Rossi to bring Milan back to being competitive in Italy, with the aim of improving as soon as possible also in Europe: “We have inherited a club with sporting performance disappointing and serious financial difficulties. We made radical choices, we rebuilt the company from its foundations and brought it back to being competitive, in Italy and soon also in Europe. More important than strategy is the way of doing things “. And it is precisely this strategy that the Rossoneri CEO wanted to talk, indicating the two main cornerstones. The first, the sports performance: “We chose to hire young players and make them grow within the club. Not expenses, but investments for the future. We decided to focus on a more physical, aggressive, fast, one-on-one” style of football ” . For this we needed an innovative technical staff, very focused on the objectives, courageous and capable of withstanding the pressures. ” The second one, the modernization of the company: “When I arrived there was no Milan app: digitization and the production of content are very important to keep together a community that begins in Italy and ends in Australia. When I arrived, two thirds of the business partners were Italian, today two thirds they are international. The value of business partnerships has multiplied. All revenues are invested in the club. It is a virtuous circle. “


The future of Milan will soon undergo a new decisive turn. The Rossoneri club will change hands from the Elliott fund to RedBird by Gerry Cardinale, on which Gazidis expressed his opinion: “Red Bird has great skills in the sports business and a high international reputation. The message they have transmitted to us is the will to continue on the path that our virtuous management. Elliott has great confidence. in the value and expertise that Redbird can bring to the club, with the shared goal of bringing AC Milan back to the top of European football. timing “. To continue also means to think and to carry on the stadium project: “I am optimistic about the possibility of reaching the approval of the final project of a modern stadium, capable of welcoming families, women, children and generating new revenues. It is a lintel of our project. Stadium alone? It is the dream of many fans , but we have to deal with the reality of a prohibitive investment for the financial equilibrium of a single club “. A joke also about his future, the contract expiring in the autumn: “the right time to discuss it with the new owner will be after the closing”.

Maldini and Pioli

Finally, words could not be missing about the Rossoneri staff with whom Gazidis collaborates every day, both from a technical and managerial point of view. On Stefano Pioli, the managing director said: “He has great understanding of modern football, great human qualities, total focus on work, without a complaint or controversy. Rangnick? I told Pioli: there will be a thousand rumors and speculations, but that what will happen at the end of the year will depend only on your performances. Pioli listened to me, the results arrived and his confirmation came naturally “. Words also on Paolo Maldiniimportant: “I don’t think words are needed to describe the cultural and managerial value that Paolo Maldini and Frederic Massara – in particular the combination of the two – have brought to Milan. Paolo Maldini hired him not once, but two or three times , including the latest renovation on which I expressed a favorable opinion on the new ownership “.

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