LIVE Italy-Turkey 3-0 volley, LIVE 2022 World Cup: clear victory for the Azzurri, first place in the group one step away!

LIVE Italy-Turkey 3-0 volley, LIVE 2022 World Cup: clear victory for the Azzurri, we fly to the round of 16!


22:49 OA Sport thanks you for following the emotions of this match with us and wishes you a good continuation of the evening.

22:47 Another good game of the Azzurri against the wall with 7 final big shots. Giannelli was very good at sorting the game, all three high ball forwards went above the double figures: Lavia (14), Romanò (13) and Michieletto (12). The appointment is on Wednesday for the last match of the group stage against China.

22:46 With this result, Italy is already mathematically qualified for the round of 16!

22:45 Crushing victory for Italy, which proved to have another gear compared to Turkey which, at the moment, is a decidedly inferior team. With this result, Italy climbs to first place alone in their group with 6 points and for the first place in the group only math is missing while waiting for the last match against China.

25-22 Mirza Lagumzdija’s service is wrong! NET VICTORY FOR ITALY!

24-22 Anzani’s joke is long.

24-21 The series in Lagumzdija’s service ends here, there are 3 match-points for Italy!

23-21 Mirza Lagumzdija puts down a ball at the net. Second consecutive time-out for Italy.

23-20 Ace from Adis Lagumzdija.

23-19 Error in attack also for Lavia.

23-18 Wonderful opening by Romanò, then unfortunately Romanò is wrong.

23-17 MURONEEEEE DI ROMANO ‘! Mirza Lagumzdija does not pass.

22-17 We win an exchange with a lot of confusion, Lavia is the best in the field tonight.

21-17 Network invasion of Turkey!

20-17 Giannelli’s joke is long.

20-16 Michieletto’s winning attack, let’s fly to +4!

19-16 Subasi service online.

18-16 Error from nine meters also for Galassi.

18-15 Turkish error in the service.

17-15 Adis Lagumdzija continues to pass diagonally.

17-14 Error in Subasi’s bloody attack.

16-14 Gunes’s line does not pass.

15-14 Wall of Ulu on Lavia.

15-13 Deep diagonal by Mirza Lagumdzija.

15-12 Excellent challenge called by De Giorgi on a Turkish defense, point to Italy.

14-12 First half of Gunes.

14-11 Great defense of Giannelli, then Lavia thinks about it in attack!

13-11 Michieletto’s service does not pass.

13-10 Romanò brings us back to +3!

12-10 We save ourselves with the usual Lavia pipe.

11-10 Double mistake for the Azzurri, our level has dropped significantly. Anzani takes the place of Russo.

11-8 Russo already puts a ball on the net.

10-8 Deep diagonal by Michieletto.

9-8 Wall of Gunes on Russo.

9-7 Narrow diagonal from place two for Subasi.

9-6 First half of Galassi!

8-6 Subasi pizza ball.

8-5 Error by Gunes.

7-5 Eksi’s second intention lob.

7-4 Along the Mirza Lagumzdija service.

6-4 Scary wall by Gunes on Romanò.

6-3 Russo stepped on the three-meter line.

6-2 Error in the service of Adis Lagumzdija.

5-2 Pushed lob by Mirza Lagumzdija.

5-1 Romanò passes in parallel from place four.

4-1 The series in Giannelli’s service ends here.

4-0 ACEEEEEE DI GIANNELLI! Immediately time-out for Turkey.

3-0 Muroneeeee by Russo on Gungor!

2-0 Error in Gungor’s attack.

1-0 It starts with a great first half by Russo.

22:12 Still an excellent partial played by Italy which, despite the growth of Turkey also due to some substitutions, remained concentrated all the time, staying ahead for the whole set. Excellent work in the break phase with 3 blocks and 1 ace in this partial, Giannelli very good at varying the game a lot with Romanò, Lavia and Michieletto already in double figures.

25-20 WE WIN! Endless exchange that ends with an error by Adis Lagumzdija, we fly to 2-0!

24-20 Diagonal of an unprecedented power of Lavia, there are 4 set-points for Italy!

23-20 First millimeter time of Galassi!

22-20 Mani-out by Adis Lagumzdija.

22-19 Fortunately this time the Turkish opposite is wrong. Enter Sbertoli in place of Russo for the joke.

21-19 Ace from Lagumzdija.

21-18 Attack on the Gunes line.

21-17 First time of Russo.

20-17 Wall of Mirza Lagumzdija on Michieletto.

20-16 Error in attack by Mirza Lagumzdija.

19-16 Ace from Subasi.

19-15 Along the Galassi service.

19-14 Galassi responds to the center with the first point of his game.

18-14 Nice first half of Bulbul.

18-13 Romanò responds to the Turkish opposite with a very powerful attack.

17-13 Yet another diagonal of Lagumzdija.

17-12 WONDER! Raised first by Lavia and crushed by second by Giannelli! Time-out for Turkey.

16-12 Lavia’s scary close diagonal!

15-12 Lagumzdija also passes from the second line.

15-11 Lagumzdija’s joke does not pass.

14-11 Subasi finds the hands of the wall from the second line.

14-10 Lagumzdija impregnable diagonal.

14-9 Muroneeee of Romanò on Gungor!

13-9 Lavia’s fifth pipe, which is 100% on this pattern.

12-9 Wall to one of Lagumzdija on Michiletto’s second intention attack.

12-8 Aceeeeee by Giannelli!

11-8 MAMMA MIAAAAA! Giannelli’s show, first in coverage and then in one-handed raising. Romanò closes in parallel the most beautiful exchange of the game.

10-8 Great lift by Giannelli and complicated attack by Michieletto.

9-8 Ace from Subasi, Turkey has reopened the set.

9-7 Lagumzdija plays against the hands of Michieletto’s wall.

9-6 Subasi millimeter lob.

9-5 Russo takes advantage of an error in reception by the Turks. Time-out for Anatolians.

8-5 Miraculous defense of Italy, which then gets the point thanks to a mistake by Bulbul.

7-5 Very complicated parallel by Michieletto.

6-5 Lavia’s joke does not pass.

6-4 The pipe also hits the mark with Michieletto.

5-4 Mani-out of Lagumzdija from the second line.

5-3 Along the Gungor service.

4-3 Russo stepped on the nine-meter line.

4-2 Lavia’s parallel broadside.

3-2 Lagumzdija deep diagonal.

3-1 Yet another Lavia pipe.

2-1 Bulbul’s first half.

2-0 TELEPHONE BOOTH! Romanò says no to Gungor!

1-0 We start again with a big blow from Russo on Gungor.

21:40 Excellent first set for Italy, which proved to be superior both from a tactical point of view, but, especially, from a technical point of view. Well on the wall the blues with a big shot from Giannelli and one from Russo, all seasoned with a winning serve by Michieletto. Top scorer of the match Alessandro Michieletto with 5 points, followed by 4 Romanò.

25-18 Romanò closes it with the help of the tape!

24-18 Error in the service of Giannelli.

24-17 Michieletto gives Italy seven set points!

23-17 Lavia in the pipe again! Let’s try the decisive draw.

22-17 Pipe by Lavia! Daniele is in an enviable state of form.

21-17 Error in the service of Subasi.

20-17 Very narrow diagonal of Lagumzdija.

20-16 Michieletto replies with the same coin from place four.

19-16 Lagumzdija winning parallel.

19-15 Romanò is immediately forgiven with a ball placed behind the wall.

18-15 Escape the diagonal of Romanò, Giannelli is overloading his opposite in this phase.

18-14 Another pipe attack by Gungor.

18-13 WOW! Giannelli’s feint, which leaves Romanò without a wall, our opposite is not wrong!

17-13 Gungor steps on the nine-meter line.

16-13 Mani-out of Lagumdzija from the second line.

16-12 Muroneeeee by Russo on Gungor!

15-12 Subasi answers in pipe.

15-11 Pipe by Michieletto against the three placed wall, back to +4 again!

14-11 Aceeeeeeee by Michieletto! First winning serve for Italy.

13-11 Lavia’s powerful pipe.

12-11 Gungor plays on Michieletto’s hands, we squandered almost all the advantage.

12-10 Romanò error from place four. Time-out for Italy.

12-9 Ace of Bulbul.

12-8 Narrow Gungor Diagonal.

12-7 Third point of Romanò, which this time passes diagonally.

11-7 Along the Galassi service.

11-6 Another parallel attack from the second line for Romanò.

10-6 Lavia’s joke does not pass.

10-5 Wonderful defense of Balaso, then Michieletto thinks about it with a very complicated attack.

9-5 Another direct error by Lagumdzija.

8-5 Galassi’s first half escapes a little.

8-4 Net invasion of Lavia.

8-3 Lagumdzija attack error.

7-3 Muroneeeeee by Giannelli on Subasi! Time-out for Turkey.

6-3 Broadside in parallel by Romanò, let’s try to run away!

5-3 Pipe by Michieletto, the first break is for Italy!

4-3 Lavia breaks through on the hands of the wall, the second Turkish line broken up in defense.

3-3 Mani-out of Lagumdzija from the second line.

3-2 Lavia’s impregnable diagonal.

2-2 Eksi feint and Turkish point.

2-1 Error in service for Bulbul.

1-1 Balaso’s net invasion on a very difficult ball.

1-0 It starts with a pushed lob by Michielletto.

21:14 Turkey responds with: Gungor, Subasi, Eksi, Lagumdzija, Bulbul, Gunes and Bayraktar.

21:12 This is the sextet of Italy: Giannelli, Romanò, Balaso, Michieletto, Galassi, Russo and Balaso.

21:09 Official warm-up phase over, it’s time for the national anthems.

21:06 Today’s match will already be in this fundamental perspective because Turkey overcame China 3-0 and at the moment they are leading the pool with the same points as Italy.

21:03 It will therefore be very important to finish the group in first place to be seeded and meet in the second round, at least on paper, a more affordable formation.

21:00 The tournament formula includes a group stage, at the end of which the first two of each pool, together with the four best third parties, will qualify for the round of 16.

20:57 Italy, as mentioned, overtook Canada two days ago with a sharp 3-0, fielding a bubbly volleyball and dropping the level only in an interminable third set finished 39-37.

20:54 Second round of the world championship for Giannelli and his companions who, after the inaugural victory against Canada, will challenge Turkey tonight.

20:51 Good evening and welcome to LIVE LIVE from Italy-Turkey, match valid for the group stage of the 2022 Men’s Volleyball World Cup.

Friends of OA Sport, good evening and welcome to LIVE LIVE from Italy-Turkey, match valid for the group stage of the 2022 Men’s Volleyball World Cup. This is the second round of the world championship for the national team of Fefè De Giorgi who, two days ago, overtook Canada on his debut (3-0). Today’s match will be fundamental in view of first place in the group.

The tournament formula provides that the first two teams of each group, plus the four best third parties, qualify directly for the round of 16, it would be important to finish the pool in the lead to be seeded and therefore have a first knockout match more easy. Italy just got the better of Canda, showing a perfect game at times in the first two sets, only to drop slightly in an interminable third set, which even ended 39-37. Turkey in turn started its adventure in the best possible way, sweeping China away with a resounding 3-0. On paper, the favors of the prediction are all on the side of Italy, but the Anatolians are a group in strong growth, which will not be underestimated, winning today would mean placing a large mortgage on the victory of the group. Italy has won the last 5 direct clashes, with the last one dating back to the Mediterranean Games a few weeks ago, in which obviously it was not the starting formations that challenged each other.

OA Sport offers you LIVE LIVE from Italy-Turkey, a match valid for the group stage of the 2022 Men’s Volleyball World Cup, real-time news, minute by minute, action after action, point by point, so as not to really miss anything. the match will start at 9.15 pm.

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