Sassuolo-Milan, Dionisi: "Sappiamo che potremmo essere sfavoriti sulla carta, ma vogliamo cambiare la carta"

Sassuolo-Milan, Dionisi: “We know we could be underdogs on paper, but we want to change the map”

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Alessio Dionisi, Sassuolo coach, released the following statements, transcribed by the TMW editorial team, on the eve of the match against Milan:

What game are you expecting?

“It might not be enough to do our best, we know that individuals have something more than us, we know that we could be underdogs on paper but we want to change the paper

What to fear of Milan?

“AC Milan. We respect him more than fear, knowing that he will put us in trouble as he does everyone. He added awareness with the Scudetto won with merit. To the squad they have, they have added quality because they have acquired important and strong players. All the teams are running in at the beginning but Milan have already shown important things, we hope that tomorrow we will be able to put them in difficulty, we will try to do our best.

Are you expecting a further step in the growth of Frattesi and Pinamonti?

“The performance was positive, the attitude too. We play not only for this but for the results. I am convinced that by improving performance, better results can be achieved. We can improve in the insertions, in the game, and Pinamonti who has not arrived for a long time, having already found the goal, all this can help in the knowledge and in the inclusion in the team “.

How’s the team doing?

“There aren’t many days of recovery and we have to make a virtue of necessity, the same for Milan, no alibi. Turnover? Let’s see, I don’t like to talk about turnover because those who play with merit, surely we have to balance our forces well, thinking about the match played, the next match with Milan, knowing that there will then be a third match after a few days. Today, however, let’s think about Milan, the best formation will play ”.

Last game with the open market, how long are you waiting for it?

“It’s part of football, they take pros and cons. Let’s say that the next press conference will talk about the market from a different point of view because the market will be closed, so this is welcome ”.

Pinamonti scored, at what point is his inclusion?

“Good. Andrea is physically well, the inclusion in the team is at a good point. It takes time to acquire knowledge of the individual player who can give you the ball at a certain moment and you can guess with a glance. Andrea is intelligent, he made himself available. Let’s not load it with additional responsibility. He will continue to do well as he has already done ”.

Can Alvarez play?

“Maybe yes, I don’t know if from the beginning or the game in progress. He has trained a lot, he has grown in training, he is approaching the level of the team. He arrived with his qualities that are important, but making a leap from South America to our championship takes some time, playing could find him sooner and surely he will play soon “.


“He entered well, not only him, Greg too, he could score but he was a bit unlucky. Those who enter try to do their utmost and do it in the best way. He could be playing from the 1st minute, if he doesn’t play he plays as good as he is, so let’s see. Today we train, tomorrow morning “.

Antiste and Laurientè?

“I don’t dwell on them. I know who will be there tomorrow, I am speaking of those who will be there tomorrow, of those who may be there the day after tomorrow I do not speak. Surely someone will arrive, we hope that someone will be made official, if someone arrives we will see, he will be suitable for the team ”.

Wouldn’t there be something behind it?

“We had a defection in Turin, an important regret for Muldur, it’s an important loss. If it will be replaced, let’s see, I don’t know ”.

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