Cristiano Ronaldo in Naples: the dream of a late summer night that could change Serie A - Il Fatto Quotidiano

Cristiano Ronaldo in Naples: the dream of a late summer night that could change Serie A – Il Fatto Quotidiano

A voice that goes from mouth to mouth. A dream of a late summer night that could also become reality in the last days of this crazy transfer market: Cristiano Ronaldo to the Naples. More: Cristiano Ronaldo and 100 million to Naples for Osimhen. A crazy deal. A monstrous offer. A blow that would upset the balance of A league.

It’s not just gossip: the fantasy football exchange was born from the mind of Jorge MendesThe powerful attorney of the Portuguese who is looking for a prestigious destination for his client sheltered by the Manchester Unitedwho only a year ago brought him home from Juventus. And when he gets something into his head, he almost always manages to get it. The difficulties remain very high (there are a few days to define the conditions of a mammoth deal), but in the meantime the fans in Naples immediately divided. Who does not want it, who would welcome it with open arms. Who thinks that you have to look to the future and not touch the car of Spalletti, who dreams of the shots of the Portuguese champion. But net of the general considerations of Serie A, which would increasingly confirm itself as a second-level championship, a good retreat for old champions on the avenue of the sunset. How could you ever to reject such an exchange?

Even if at the end of his career, marginalized and in some ways a little pathetic in his search for a team, Ronaldo is an opportunity that happens in Naples once in a lifetime. Let alone if accompanied by a check for one hundred million. This is the right price for Osimhen, great striker, enormous potential, but still not fully expressed: Napoli, which is destined to sell it (because almost all the Italian teams at the moment are destined to sell theirs pieces valuable), it will hardly be able to sell it better than this. Surely, however, he will never have a substitute how Ronaldo.

True, it is the same player (indeed, even aged a couple of years) which devastated Juventus both financially and technically. But in this case the conditions would be completely different. First, CR7 would arrive this time borrowed or outright with a engagement largely paid for by Manchester, so it would be economically sustainable. Then the other misunderstanding that negatively marked his first Italian experience would also fall. Ronaldo at Juventus has always claimed to be bigger of a club that is too important to accept submit to a single player. With all due respect for Napoli, however, there is no doubt that Ronaldo would be superior to him. Precisely for this reason, however, he would bring one as a dowry dimension that the blue locker room has never had in recent years. Hasn’t it since the days of Maradona. Experience, international prestigework culture, hunger for victory. And goals: even at 37, Cristiano Ronaldo can still Do there difference in Serie A, we have already seen it in recent seasons. Never as with him, Napoli could go back to being one candidate credibleperhaps even the favorite absolutely, for it scudetto.

But now the fans have to wake up and get back to reality. They are missing three days when the transfer market closes, anything can still happen, but Manchester has just closed for the Brazilian Antony Ajax for a figure close to 100 million, the same one that should have invested for Osimhen. And even if a purchase does not exclude necessarily the other (and Ronaldo is always looking for a destination), it seems difficult at this point that United can really concretize the monster offer for De Laurentiis. Ronaldo at Napoli is a dream probably destined for remain so. Supporters and detractors will each remain of their own opinion. What is certain is that such a blow would have changed Serie A. How, maybe we’ll never know.

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