Swiss healthcare looks to Italy.  "You can come to us"

Swiss healthcare looks to Italy. “You can come to us”

The case

The Bregaglia Health Center promotes its services. “For those who live in Valchiavenna we are an opportunity”. But you pay for it and many services are not available

Mountain healthcare also becomes cross-border. Especially in these times, when it is difficult to find quick answers from the public health service prostrated by the effects of the pandemic, for which resorting to the private sector becomes a necessity. And in the group of private individuals, proposals from neighboring Switzerland are also starting to break through.

First case

It happens in Valchiavenna, but the initiative could be replicated elsewhere, with the Bregaglia health center in Promontogno which, for the first time in its history, carried out a promotional campaign of its services, house by house, throughout the Valchiavenna.

In the mailboxes of over 23,000 residents from Villa di Chiavenna to Verceia, up to Valle Spluga, a simple and simple flyer with all the essential information was distributed.

«But let’s specify – he says Maurizio Michael, president of the Bregaglia health center – that ours does not want to be a proposal in competition with the public health service and with the private individuals of nearby Valchiavenna, where the health proposal has always been of quality. It only seemed interesting to us to make our offer known even beyond the border, whose costs, after all, are similar to those in Italy, in addition to the offer that already exists in the area. Because, perhaps, the Italian neighbors do not consider the possibility of contacting us for services that they are unable to use at the moment in Valchiavenna and that here, on the other hand, we can provide rather quickly ».

Not deductible

Paying, of course, because these are private services of which no trace remains on the regional electronic health record. At the moment the benefits in Switzerland, despite being proven by a regular receipt, it is not clear whether or not they can be deducted as medical expenses from the tax return, but it is not a little knowing that you can count on a “relief valve” located a few kilometers from the border.

“We took action in this sense almost by chance – he explains Sabrina Farovini, head of the medical office of the Center and assistant of the same – because speaking with Italian friends we realized that they were in difficulty, for small interventions that could not find answers in Italy. In the present case, the problem arose for a cyst under the eye, to remove which a friend of ours would have to wait until April next year, from a private individual, at a cost of 900 euros. We told him that he could come to us, and there we understood that residents in Italy do not even remotely consider this hypothesis, considering it impractical. On the other hand, it is quite possible to come to Switzerland to receive medical treatment, obviously in solvency, therefore paying. There are no customs problems ».


In fact, a flow of Italian customers to the Promontogno Center is already underway, but it is mainly cross-border commuters who know it and turn to it (many to carry out anti Covid swabs) or people who were patients of Valchiavennaschi doctors today. operating at the Center and who, therefore, followed them.

«In reality, the Center is open to everyone – says Farovini – just call and make an appointment. There is no waiting, and the results of the exams are immediately evident, because our organization is different from the Italian one. For example, if you take a chest x-ray (80 francs front and side), it is immediately seen by our medical team, which is interdisciplinary, and the response is given. Then, for some exams the costs are very similar, for others a little more affordable, or a little less, depending on. For an ingrown nail, for example, in Italy, 100 francs are spent, while in Italy, in the private sector, it costs around 250 euros ».


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