Juve, Miretti turning point: never again without!

Juve, Miretti turning point: never again without!

Against Spezia it is not a game to play, but to win. Massimiliano Allegri presented it like this, Juventus-Spezia next Wednesday. And it is objectively difficult to blame him. It will be necessary to put more malice, duration, attention into it. More goals. But, basically, it would not be bad to start again from what we saw for an hour against Roma: that look there, that intensity, that beautiful game are welcome. Why not? That Fabio Miretti there. Right choice of play, insertions, search for depth, timing, personality. After Juventus-Sampdoria, Allegri had practically exposed him to public mockery: «I went crazy when I saw Miretti running backwards. These are things that should be taught to children instead of making them do the patterns. We must teach young people to play football“. On Saturday, on the contrary, the lavish praises: “Miretti played as a veteran. He knows how to unmark himself between the lines and has a first check always forward, it’s a wonderful thing“.


Miretti’s path in football starts from the province of Cuneo. Born in Pinerolo, but originally from Saluzzo, the midfielder born in 2003 started kicking the ball at the age of 5, in the football school of Auxilium Saluzzo. One season there, then three in the ranks of Cuneo and finally Juventus. That black and white is a shirt that he has been wearing with pride since 2011. Miretti as a little-mother Silvia, in an interview with Tuttosport, defined him “a savage who was always crazy on a bicycle»- scores a lot of goals. In all ways: with the right, with the left, with the head and from outside the area. He dreamed of playing in front or in any case close to the strikers and instead Giovanni Valenti, one of his first coaches in the Juventus youth teams, convinces him to act as a director. He was 13 and didn’t want to back down, but then he was convinced and found his way. Pedone, Zauli and Bonatti were the coaches who gave him more in the nursery: football, but also humanly, following him in every phase of his growth. In June he also finished his schooling, obtaining his diploma: his parents tried to never let him skid, despite the many commitments with Juventus and with the national team. Miretti also asserted himself in blue: he started with the Under 15 team, he has already tasted the Under 21 team and even did an internship in May with Roberto Mancini’s senior national team. In June he took part in the Under 19 European Championships in Slovakia, a competition he particularly cared about: he reached the semifinals, eliminated only by future England champions. But, returning to his childhood dream of playing in Serie A, he owes thanks to two figures in particular: Ermanno Demaria, who brought him from Auxilium Saluzzo to Cuneo, and Santo Borza, Juventus observer whose reports on the boy proved to be fundamental for the first audition in Vinovo (with all due respect for Torino, who had aimed at him with decision). From there began Fabio’s long journey.


There is still a long way to go, and yet it appears potentially studded with triumphs. In him Allegri has found a new acquisition, in fact. Without Pogba, waiting for the arrival of Paredes and the departure of Arthur: here is Miretti blossomed. Even the coach is convinced: the young Piedmontese can make an important contribution to the team and can give a hard time to his colleagues in the department, when he has to choose the owners. The company believes in it, points to us: at stake, also the pride and satisfaction of launching and consecrating a talent that is the fruit of the nursery. We’ve been trying for 15 years. But perhaps this is the right time: new Marchisio are growing.

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