Michelle Hunziker returns to her true love.  She cannot forget it

Michelle Hunziker returns to her true love. She cannot forget it

The Swiss presenter surprised everyone with a gesture that impressed the fans, it was something unexpected. She went back to her love of her and no one could stop her. Here’s what happened.

In recent times there has been a lot of talk about Michelle Hunziker and her love life, even if the news about her has been decidedly undermined by those of the Blasi – Totti couple who dominate the web and is currently the queen of gossip. As we have seen, however, in the course of these summer months a new love has emerged for the famous presenter and showgirl, ssimilar to the one that lasted ten years with the entrepreneur Tomaso Trussardi with whom, as we have seen, there was a drastic break due, it seems, to the many discussions between the two of which Michelle’s eldest daughter, Aurora Ramazzotti was a witness.

Michelle, however, has not been linked only to Eros Ramazzotti and Tomaso Trussardi, during her life she has had many flirts, some well-known, others less well-known. But surely the protagonist of her summer 2022 was her relationship with the surgeon Giovanni Angiolini with whom things seem to be going well.

Since the beginning Michelle Hunziker has approached the famous singer Eros Ramazzotti, and after their separation both have taken completely different paths. Her private life is known to all of her, among her famous flirtations there is for example that of her with the actor Daniele Pecci. Their love story was the protagonist of a gossip that lasted a very long time, although it was known that the two were dating only some people were aware of the truth.

In the meantime, as we all know, the ex-husband Tomaso Trussardi keeps calm and takes care only of his work, of the daughters he had with Michelle and of his little dog, the little greyhound who keeps him company and, at the moment, seems happy and calm. Like this. In the meantime, the small Sole and Celeste have already made the acquaintance of Angiolini with whom therefore things seem to be proceeding seriously. It seems, in fact, that the whole “family” went to Sardinia for the summer holidays.

However, one thing that has often been said about the former couple Trussardi – Hunziker and that for the moment differentiates them a lot from the Blasi – Totti one, is that the two have remained on excellent terms and, indeed, there is something strong that binds them indissolubly. It should not surprise us, since Michelle has also maintained a great relationship with the other historical ex, Eros Ramazzotti who also participated in his One Woman Show of Channel 5, Michelle Impossible where there was the kiss between the two that has so much made to talk last spring.

But recently something surprising happened, she returned to her love. Here’s what happened.

Michelle comes back to him, unexpected

Of course, what’s not easy for anyone is to forget as if nothing were a relationship that has been going on for years. Certain things cannot be forgotten and so while her ex-husband Trussardi was around the seaside, Michelle returned to her first love, in her city.

It is precisely the city of Bergamo, the city where Michelle lived with Tomaso Trussardi, but she was not alone, where she lived her life together with Trussardi. With her, however, there was a person very dear to her. Nothing strange in reality if we consider that it was Michelle who published her passage in Bergamo and, even if her story with Angiolini seems to be called love, many have thought that this return to Bergamo may have been an amarcord.

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