Ruben, the chef with a million followers who cooks (on request) on the balcony

Ruben, the chef with a million followers who cooks (on request) on the balcony

A small stove on the balcony of the house, simple raw materials and a phrase that is now a catchphrase: A, what you magnate today?. These are the ingredients of the success of Ruben Bondthe 24-year-old chef who asks neighbors for their favorite dishes, makes them and then he makes her taste them. A format that made him earn 1.3 million followers on the TikTok profile (@cucinaconruben) and more than 650 thousand on Instagram.

But how was the idea born?
January 2022, I come back from a holiday in Madrid and …I tested positive for Covid. My house was under renovation at the time, so I was forced to go back to my parents’ house and do it quarantine in my old bedroom. But I can’t go without cooking, so I set up a stove on the balcony and went to work. Think the first video of this kind I haven’t even published itbecause it was the time when you were positive they looked at you badly!.

And then he started asking what the neighbors wanted to eat?
it was a gradual process: at first I cooked what I wanted, then I started asking ‘A, that you you magn’But in the end what ‘magnava’ was just me and it didn’t seem right. So one day I asked a worker on a lunch break what he wanted. He asked me for a sandwich (made by Ruben with fillet, cherry tomatoes and caramelized onion and mustard mayonnaise, ed) and then there we are eaten together. A nice experience, I love food just that: the sense of sharing and I think it’s also one of the reasons why people like my videos.

What do you mean?
My tiktoks evoke i condominiums of the pastwhen we passed things through the windows and yes he shared food and time with neighbors.

You took an aspect of the past and brought it to the social of the future, that is TikTok, why?
All born out of a challenge that I launched to my sister during the second wave of Covid: ‘We bet that in a week I have more followers than you?‘. Well, I have won: I have achieved 10 thousand followers in seven days.

Why do you think this format works so well?
Because it fully represents me. I am a guy who likes to cook and talk to people, in videos I behave like in real life. People notice this. Then on social networks there is a whole vein of viral videos where people cook in strange places with rudimentary tools, as in forests. I to reach a forest, from Trastevere, I have to drive 45 minutes. Only a madman like me could choose the balcony!

The strangest dish you ever made on the balcony?
A girl once asked me for a burger and I said to myself: ‘ok, but let’s do it strange’. I prepared it withpineapplevery cool.

In real life, as some would say, you are a personal chef. How was your passion for cooking born?
At fourteen I started to get passionate about this world: I watched broadcasts and I only read cookbooks. I asked my mother to leave school to work in some restaurant, but luckily he told me no. So I left the scientific high school for the hotel industry. I started working atOsteria Le Coqwhere I joined the starred chef Roberto Franzin and for a short time I was an intern at the restaurant “The clown“.

Did you also have experiences abroad?
I worked on the The Ned of Londona hotel with ten restaurants inside, a beautiful but challenging experience. I was young, in a new city, scared of washing machines and irons. Let me know that I didn’t know a word of English. Then, like everyone, I suffered a bit of hazing by Italians with more experience, who instead of helping try to make newcomers relive what they have suffered. Luckily they are not all like that and I have bonded with several people. In any case, this is the world of cooking and I love to cook.

What if you had to choose between cooking and social?
I don’t think one excludes the other. On social media I tell my greatest passion, cooking. Once that is removed, it wouldn’t be me. And then, with my agency (Capital Innova) we already have some surprises in mind ….

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