Autumn 2022 blonde haircuts manual

Autumn 2022 blonde haircuts manual

2022 is coming to the end of its third act, that of the summer, on which the curtain falls to ensure that the stage is set up for the next one: autumn. To dictate the script of the new season we think the trends observed on the catwalks of the Fashion Week which, one shade after another, herald the cuts that will dominate the scene in a teeming of protagonists. Thus, among the various nuances sighted, the blond is preparing to welcome the season of warm and enveloping colors by reinterpreting itself in blends that from light butter arrive to golden brown and honey red, without disregarding the in-between, where the cold shades and those warm intertwine giving life to always new proposals. On lengths midi or extra long, the blonde cuts of autumn 2022 are enriched with full colors that, after the summer season, need to play with shapes to enhance their brightness, always accompanied by the best products to keep the vibrant color.

So they turn their backs on short cuts, preferring measurements from the bob down in clear perimeters which, when combined with smooth textures, transform the hair into a homogeneous surface from which the brilliance of the pigment emerges in an extremely natural way. To give the look a lashing character, the central and perfect partitions are the necessary ingredient, while the hyper side stripes with tuft, like those seen on the Chanel catwalks, give a bon-ton effect. At the same time, the swollen draped cuts with a retro soul compete for the role of protagonists of autumn trends, combining the charm of the 60s with contemporary and decisive colors, sometimes accompanied by full and long fringes.

For wavy and curly hair, space for scales that give movement and volume chasing a wild and rebellious allure, often combined with low-maintenance wispy fringes, to be styled easily following the same rhythm of the waves that ripple the rest of the hair . Even the straight ones in search of airiness succumb to the charm of strands parade on ends and lengths, witnessing the return of the lateral and scaled tuft to be worn on both sides of the face or styled in a single section.

Long, clean cuts on vanilla blonde hair

Alessandro Viero

Beyond the collarbones, this cut with a uniform perimeter enhances the volume of the smooth hair, restoring brightness to the vanilla blonde that envelops the hair.

Medium and wavy cuts with side parting

blonde cuts fall 2022

Matteo Scarpellini

An elegant and classic cut idea for autumn 2022 focuses on glossy and golden shades of ash blonde, which go well with even cut lengths and embellished with voluminous waves in old Hollywood style.

The bob cuts with fringe of autumn 2022

blonde cuts fall 2022

Filippo Fortis

In a cut halfway between past and future, simplicity and abstraction, the wheat blond meets the complex structure of a bob at the shoulders, moved by soft Botticelli-style waves and combined with a long and wide fringe.

The golden platinum blonde and the cut with a vintage soul

blonde cuts fall 2022

Alessandro Zeno

In a perfect combination, like being in front of a long-standing film starring Sandra Dee, the golden platinum blonde rediscovers its retro soul in fall 2022 by pairing with a voluminous cut, accentuated by the crease with curled tips inside and bangs. full.

The long and curly cuts of autumn 2022

blonde cuts fall 2022

Matteo Valle

When the ash blonde meets the golden lightening in the nuances of sunlit oatmeal fields, the result can only be a color full of enveloping shades and reflections of which nature is also colored. Ideal to enhance this color is a hedgehog cut au naturel and long, why not combined with a wispy fringe that is free to express itself.

The auburn blonde in trend for autumn 2022

blonde cuts fall 2022

Alessandro Viero

Among the blonde cuts of the new season, red continues to fascinate with its auburn and warm streaks, perfect for welcoming an increasingly cold climate and an increasingly pale complexion. Combining with the shades of honey and copper, the auburn blonde on long straight hair is the quintessence of elegance, according to Chanel.

The bob cuts on golden blonde hair

blonde cuts fall 2022

Alessandro Viero /

If you don’t want to give up a comfortable cut, quick to dry but still feminine and chic, the chin-length bob with a clean cut and central parting is the cut to bet on. To embellish it and illuminate the face at the same time, the ideal is to weave the hair with golden and luminous veins, in contrast with a dark blond base to give depth to the look.

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