Resident Evil 4 Remake, an avalanche of information leaked

Resident Evil 4 Remake, an avalanche of information leaked

Capcom has for some time formalized the work on Resident Evil 4 Remakea title that promises to send fans of the original episode into ecstasy, which was released several years ago.

The remake of the fourth chapter of the survival horror saga (which you can find on Amazon at a very low price) will in fact be made available on March 24, 2023on PS5, Xbox Series X | S And PC Steamother than PlayStation VR2.

After having been able to admire it a few weeks ago, it is certainly a potentially very interesting title.

And if even the first comparative videos between the upcoming remake and the original were overall quite satisfying, it’s now the turn of a leak which would reveal an avalanche of information about the upcoming game.

On Redditthe user ‘ResidentEvilNews’ has in fact published a series of rumors about the new one RE4 which – if confirmed – they really would be very interesting.

Obviously, we emphasize that these are not official detailswhich is why everything must be taken with the usual pliers while waiting for Capcom to speak.

  • The Novistadors and the Mini Gun Guy have been cut out of the game.
  • The remake will have scenarios with Leon, Ada and Louis.
  • The character of Krauser has been entirely revised and its changed form will have 5 phases similar to those of William Birkin in RE2.
  • The mechanism of dodge and block seen in RE3 And RE Village will return in the remake.
  • The remake will have stalkers, but each AI will have different abilities. Whenever damage is done to the Dr. Salvadorhe will mutate further and his mask will slowly fall apart, as well as having a dedicated figt boss with him and Leon in a chainsaw duel on the island. Bitores Mendez he can instead call the villagers to hunt you down, and his AI works similar to that of Mr X. Verdugo it can eventually become invisible to catch the player by surprise.
  • The character Ashley and her AI have been improved further, as she can distract enemies and push them away, as well as carry small melee weapons with her. The remake will also kick off with a game section dedicated to her.
  • The character of Louis it will be more full-bodied, with more backstory and a flashback of his grandfather in the countryside. He will help Leon 8 times in the remake and at the end will not die.
  • Mendez’s house will be expanded and the player will have to solve puzzles and escape from Bitores, as well as find a key to escape from the mansion, which will be inspired by villa Spencer.
  • The remake will have a crafting system unpublished.
  • The Regenerator it has been completely redesigned and will be much scarier and with more variations.
  • The Merchant will have its own story and interact with Leon in a similar way to the Duke of Village.
  • The castle segment is very different and takes elements from the Hook Man beta. The character of Salazar is expanded and an in-depth story, as well as having a giant spider on his side that we can kill or save.
  • Albert Wesker is present in the remake and will have a more important role in the story, as well as having a small boss fight.
  • The segment on the island it is less focused on action and will focus more on the laboratory and with many new locations, such as a factory and prisons.
  • Two El Gigante they were cut and only one remained in the village, but this time inside a cave.

We reiterate that the information listed above has in no way been confirmed, although the leaker should be the same one who anticipated that the village part will be set at night.

Recall that in recent months Resident Evil 4 is also back with a version designed for virtual reality, excellently conceived and to try for all fans of the series.

But that’s not all: a few weeks ago some actual content cut from the original game emerged, which showed up for the first time ever.

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