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The argument that connects smartphones and emitted radiation has always been talked about. Which are the brands on the market that generate more and which ones instead of less

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Smartphones and radiation, a discourse at least as old as the diffusion among the masses of what the mobile phone is. That is our main tool, which we have been using every day for years to do everything and more. With a mobile phone we not only make calls but also video calls, take photos, make videos and much more.

In our pocket we have a computer, thanks to which we can also see films and TV series, surf the web, consult social networks, video games and much more. The evolution of mobile phones is something epochal, capable of radically changing the habits of the internal world. But there is no lack of contraindications and controversiesAnd. And the issue that refers to smartphones and emitted radiation is among them.

In reality, it has never been really understood whether smartphones and radiation are really connected. And if so, what level of risk we are exposed to due to massive frequent use from day to day. There are several official bodies, however, that take note of all this, making the necessary changes and updates as necessary.

Smartphone and radiation, what are the risk factors

The screen of a smartphone
The screen of a smartphone (Pixabay)

For example, in Germany the German Federal Office for Radiation Protection (Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz) acts, which periodically announces the levels of frequency radiation emitted by today’s smartphones and absorbed by our body. The regulations indicated by the European Commission refer to a maximum limit of 2.0 Watt / Kg on 10 grams of fabric for 6 minutes.

A quantity that in the United States is slightly lower and amounts to 1.6 W / Kg on 1 gram of fabric. It must also be said that official bodies specialized in cancer research, such as our AIRC Foundation, say that there is not enough evidence to be able to link of the forms of brain tumor continuous use of the mobile phone. Especially if we talk about those of recent invoice.

A possible risk factor seems to be represented from a device that gets hot. When a person uses one, this heat is channeled directly to the skin and into the immediately lower layers. It is therefore advisable, as a precaution, to avoid direct contact with a device that is too hot.

This can be done using the speakerphone or earphones. It would also be better to store the device in a bag or jacket rather than in your pocket. It being understood that, however, the level of radiation generated by mobile phones today is considered to be largely under control.

The ranking of the most and least harmful mobile phones: brands

The German Federal Office for Radiation Protection, on the basis of some direct observations, has drawn up a ranking of those which are respectively the mobile phones that emit the most and the least radiation. However, the recorded levels are all well below of the maximum threshold indicated of 2 W / Kg). Regarding the first ranking we have:

  • P7 Pro (1.82 W / kg);
  • Motorola Edge (1.68 W / kg);
  • X4 Soul (1.65 W / kg);
  • Zte Axon 11 5G (1.59 W / kg);
  • Asus ZenFone 6 (1.57 W / kg);
  • OnePlus 6T (1.55 W / kg);
  • Sony Experia AX2 Plus (1.41 W / kg);
  • Google Pixel 3 XL and 3A XL (1.39 W / kg);

Smartphones with lower emission levels instead are the following:

  • Zte Blade V10 (0.13 W / kg);
  • Galaxy Note 10+ (0.19 W / kg);
  • Galaxy Note 10 (0.21 W / kg);
  • LG G7 ThinQ (0.24 W / kg);
  • Huawei P30 (0.33 W / kg);
  • Apple iPhone 11 (0.95 W / kg);
  • Realme GT Neo 3 (0.91 W / kg);
  • Honor X8 (0.84 W / kg);
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 (0.34 W / kg);

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