Napoli, Spalletti and Osimhen's future: "If a club offers 100 million ..."

Napoli, Spalletti and Osimhen’s future: “If a club offers 100 million …”

FLORENCE – “Cristiano Ronaldo? I don’t really have time to think about other things, because we play often, we train every day, I have a team still to be fueled, because when those four players entered in the second half, in the last quarter of an hour, they failed to give the impulse that he could have given all that quality on the pitch. Does Napoli, on the other hand, think about it? The club probably thinks about any situation involving our players. Since I arrived they have all been on the market, it has always been said that way. I pI believe that if a team arrives and offers you a hundred million for a footballer it will be difficult for anyone not to consider the offer“At the end of Fiorentina-Napoli, which ended 0-0, the Azzurri coach Luciano Spalletti intervened to Dazn’s microphones thus commenting on the market rumors: “This year Petagna, Mertens, Fabian Ruiz have gone, because so far he has never seen, Insigne and Simeone, Raspadori, Ndombele, Kvaratskhelia have arrived: they are the same, numerically, as they are, with more stimuli it is hoped to put themselves in light. Do I have multiple solutions? I can tease new solutions, perhaps there is more freshness, more desire, but there is a lot to work and to rediscover character, personality, the coat of arms, the security, the conviction, the experience, the quality of those who have gone Street. From the point of view of my work it is more stimulating“.

Spalletti: “Kvara in shadow, Raspadori unlucky”

Kvaratskhelia in trouble? He has done less than he can dohe was stubborn in carrying the ball, he probably suffered a bit of physicality and fatigue in some moments, but the ball he gave to Lozano … You can’t go wrong! Raspadori today he entered well, he created this movement that would allow us to find him free on the trocar. He was unlucky on a couple of occasions, with the ball that did not start as clean as he would have liked, but that ball that Politano gave him was very interesting and he was unable to kick it hard. He is good there between the lines to receive the ball, he does not suffer from having it on him, because he has a low center of gravity and has the strength to turn around and manage the ball.“.

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Fiorentina stops Napoli, Var denies the 1-0 to Osimhen

Spalletti: “Osimhen suffers from long balls”

We played a lot of long balls, but Osimhen hardly recognizes the ball from the defensive line, can’t handle the ball on him. In this one-on-one they can’t find the space and Fiorentina came to make man against man. They break up with a central and come to get you the longest midfielder, who in this case was almost always Zielinski. So there is the replacement in the roles to play ball with these three-way games, to free someone with quality: but we were not very good at it and then there were few choices from behind in finding the softest step that put in place. condition the one in front to handle the ball better. And we lost several duels and a lot of balls. Because if you manage to make an exchange in the middle of the field and put a player in a position to look ahead, then you have half the field free and it becomes another matter. But at the beginning of the game it was like that“.

Spalletti: “It’s always like this in Florence …”

What happened with the Fiorentina fans? Let’s talk about the game … which is what matters. Here in Florence, you know, they offend from start to finish. Do I have to say what they say all the time? Do you want to know in detail? From the start to the end of the game, with children around … a rudeness that is incredible stuff. It is right to tell these things because they have children two meters away who look at them and continue to say ‘you’ mom, you ‘mom, you’ mom ‘. Mom is 90, poor thing, and she stays home. Let’s talk about the game, come on, because she’s always like that here. Behind the bench it always works like this. There are always the rude professionals, who are there to offend throughout the game“.

Fiorentina-Napoli: face to face between Spalletti and the purple fans

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Fiorentina-Napoli: face to face between Spalletti and the purple fans

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