From the expensive bills to the increase in prices for shopping to that of gasoline: the autumn sting that affects everyone

From the expensive bills to the increase in prices for shopping to that of gasoline: the autumn sting that affects everyone

From the dear-books to the shopping cartgive her bills at the cost of gas. Italians returning from holidays will have to deal with the autumn sting which affects everyone, a consequence of the energy shock andinflation (for some processed foods it is now close to 10%) which does not retreat. Let’s do the math. To eat and drink, therefore to buy food and non-alcoholic drinks, the National Consumers Union calculates that 155 euros more will be spent between September and November compared to the same period in 2021.

The bills? For customers in the protected market, the electricity bill in the fourth quarter will amount to 280 euros, against 200 euros in the corresponding period of 2021. For gas, it will go from 461 to 588 euros, with an increase of 127 euros. The school? Spending on books will rise to 1,300 euros, up 7% over 2022, instead warned Codacons. The price of fuel is also unknown: the cut in excise duties on petrol expires on 20 September. Without the government’s help, the price at the pump would rise by just over 30 cents per liter, pushing petrol and diesel back above the € 2 threshold.

SUPERMARKETS. The increasingly heavy shopping cart: 620 euros more per year

Shopping cart more and more expensive. In July, according to the latest data released by Istat, the prices of food and non-alcoholic beverages grew on a trend basis by 10%, against 9% in June and 7.4% in May. If the same upward trend of the last few months were maintained, they would now rise by 11%, points out the National Consumers Union: equal to an increase in the price for a typical family of 620 euros on an annual basis, 155 euros as an autumn sting. For a couple with 2 children, the annual blow would be 846 euros just for food and drink, about 70 euros on a monthly basis, the association insists. With stable inflation, the increase in spending for couples with 3 children would be more than one thousand euros in twelve months, over 252 euros for next autumn. Shock increases are also on the way, according to Codacons forecasts, according to which a return from vacation will be particularly bitter due to the increases in prices and rates that are about to hit Italians and which on average will translate into greater spending per family of 711 euros. yearly between September and November. But if the gas crisis continues, the situation cannot get complicated.

TRANSPORT. Aircraft, skyrocketing costs The leap in gasoline exceeds 7 percent

A new cut in excise duties and VAT on fuel was introduced for the period from 22 August to 20 September 2022. This was provided for by the Aid bis decree, which confirmed the support measures already envisaged in recent months to counter the economic effects of the serious international crisis. Now a new extension is expected. However, pump prices continue to cause concern. According to Assoutenti, compared to the surveys a year ago, today a liter of petrol costs more than 7% more, while diesel has increased by about 19%. Even the expensive flights are not joking. Air transport fares have reached record levels in recent weeks, as confirmed by Istat which recorded a 160% increase in international air tickets in July. Those who want to go to China starting from Rome and landing in Beijing must face a cost of at least 3,400 euros, which exceeds 10 thousand euros when choosing the fastest connection. For Sidney tickets start from 1,594 euros embarking at Fiumicino (always one way), 1,582 euros from Milan. To go to Singapore you need about 1,200 euros from both cities, while 950 euros for Tokyo.

SCHOOL. The price of books, backpacks and pencil cases also goes up

Spending on school books is destined to rise to 1,300 euros, the kit to 588 euros, an overall increase of 7 percent over 2022. Once again it was Codacons who sounded the alarm. Expensive energy affects the entire school education chain. On the eve of the resumption of the school year, families will find themselves having to face the rising prices of cases, diaries, backpacks, notebooks, pens. The costs of these products will increase in September by an average of 7 percent compared to 2021. In detail, according to the monitoring carried out by Codacons, for a branded backpack, up to 200 euros and up to 60 euros will be spent this year. for a designer case, equipped with pens, pencils, eraser and markers. For a diary you will pay an average of 30 euros. The most expensive products, still warns the Codacons, are those signed by influencers, youtubers and famous people who have launched specific lines for the school at completely unjustified prices for a barely ordinary quality: unfortunately very popular lines among the very young The higher costs energy sources for manufacturing companies determine cascading effects on retail price lists: the prices of paper, plastic, textiles and adhesives, indispensable for making notebooks, diaries, pens and backpacks, continue to rise.

POWER. Hot bills and the surge won’t stop

Alarm for the surge in the cost of gas, close to 350 euros per megawatt hour. And the exploit hasn’t stopped yet. Thus, in the fourth quarter alone, a typical family will pay around 200 euros more for their electricity and gas bills than in the same period of 2021, the consumer associations calculate. According to the Arera, a typical family has electricity consumption of 2,700 kilowatt hours per year and a committed power of 3 kW; and for gas it consumes 1,400 cubic meters per year. Thus a study of the National Consumer Union: for customers in the protected market, the electricity bill in the fourth quarter of 2022 will amount to 280 euros, compared to 200 euros in the corresponding period of 2021. For gas, the bill will go from 461 to 588 euros, with an increase of 127 euros, the Unc. Those who have chosen the free market can rest assured: the government has blocked unilateral changes to contracts until next spring. The households that benefit from the electricity and gas social bonuses, addressed to households that have an equivalent economic situation indicator equal to or less than twelve thousand euros, are also sheltered.

HOTEL AND RESTAURANTS. For coffee and meals, the bill gets even more salty

In Rome for an espresso coffee will be paid 20 cents more in September, announces Fiepet-Confesercenti. Up to 15 percent more expensive meals in restaurants. And in hotels, the energy tax appears: in many structures, in addition to the room price, customers are charged an extra to cover the costs of light and air conditioning, around 50 euros per week. After all, in the tourism and tertiary sector, the energy sting in the next twelve months could cost 11 billion euros, according to estimates by Confesercenti. We are talking about a maxi-bill of 8 billion more expensive than last year. Bitter account for restaurants, which according to forecasts will pay out almost 2 billion euros more (1,944 million) for the same consumption. For bars, on the other hand, a possible increase in expenditure of just over one billion euros is estimated. In the meantime, the bathing establishments have applied average increases in the area between 5% and 15%, the Codacons warns again. The increases on the nautical services front should also be noted: the average increase is calculated at 14%.


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