The paper mill that resists: "Energy costs increased by 300 percent"

The paper mill that resists: “Energy costs increased by 300 percent”

BELLUNO – In just one year the costs of energy to the Santa Giustina paper mill increased by 300%. And if until now the management has managed to cope with these increases without implementing any kind of countermeasures, the concern for the winter season and even more for the beginning of 2023 is great. The risk is that the costs of the products will increase, which will then clearly be borne by the end user or, even worse, that production will stop with all that follows.

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The Santa Giustina paper mill is an imported industry, which has always been close to the territory and its people. «Currently – explains the plant manager Massimo Marcer -, we have 250 employees plus an important subsidiary, for an annual production of 250,000 tons. For the most part we deal with food and pharmaceutical packaging but we also produce other generic products ».


The plant manager does not hide it: «We are experiencing a time of great difficulty, also because we are a particularly energy-intensive sector. We think that in the last 12 months alone the cost of energy has increased by 300% (July 2021 / July 2022). This is a truly exorbitant cost, which we struggle to bear ».

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Until now, the Santa Giustina paper mill has always worked and continues to receive orders. What is certain is that if something is not done at a central level to support the companies, even the Belluno plant, as other companies in the Veneto and not only have already done, will be forced to surrender and implement countermeasures. As the plant manager explains, “We have done and continue to do everything possible to improve energy efficiency, so much so that in February we started the new high efficiency steam generator, after installing a new new generation turbo alternator. , in our power plant. But we can’t do it alone. ” In September, the top management will consider what to do in order to continue working in profit. «We will try to understand where we can still go to save energy and what solutions can be implemented – continues Marcer -. Another thing that can be done is to go and adjust the sale price which will however weigh on our customers and, consequently, on all of us citizens. If all this were not enough, the risk is that production will stop with all that follows ».

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The Santa Giustina paper mill, as well as the Group to which it belongs, namely Rdm Group, therefore makes an appeal for help, asking the Government three things: “First of all, that a ceiling be set on the price of gas destined for that industry, as ours, which is defined as “essential” – explains Marcer -. Secondly, we ask that the volumes of gas supply to strategic companies for the population, necessary for the food and pharmaceutical chain, be ensured. Just to give an idea, if we stop ourselves, the cardboard in which the pasta is trivially packaged is missing. Thirdly, we ask that gas suppliers be guaranteed supply credits for essential companies ». Only by putting these precautions into practice will the paper mill try to resist in this serious moment of difficulty.

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