Horoscope of the week // 29th August - 4th September 2022

Horoscope of the week // 29th August – 4th September 2022

The week starts with some tensions, described by the disharmonious relationship between the Sun and Mars, which see two forces doing arm wrestling. The fact, however, is that both are applying equal force and neither seems to be getting the better of it: a stalemate that could turn into frustration and nervousness. Do not panic, because as early as Thursday these issues can be put into perspective, as indicated by the harmonious relations that Mars will form with Mercury and Jupiter. These are days when people are much more inclined to dialogue and have a positive and constructive approach. This is a week of cultivating wisdom and intelligence, where meeting with different perspectives can open your eyes to many issues and teach you to be more flexible. Do not remain firm in your beliefs, especially on the weekend characterized by the relationship between Jupiter and Mercury: you will have the opportunity to have your say and compare yourself with other people, but it is better to leave a door open to keep the comparison alive.

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Highlights of the week:

  • August 29-31: Sun squared Mars – hectic days, but with a feeling of frustration and fatigue
  • 1-2 September: Mars sextile Jupiter and trine Mercury – a more positive and open to possibility approach is found
  • 2-3 September: Mercury opposite Jupiter – days in which it is useful to communicate and discuss to meet other points of view

    To take advantage of this week: Do not force yourself to do more than you can actually bear, organize your days in a balanced way so as to remain energetic and proactive.

    To be repeated aloud this week: I am receptive and resourceful

    The horoscope of the week from August 29 to September 4



    This week seems to be full of commitments: maybe it is because you have just returned from vacation and you have to solve everything you have postponed so far, or because you feel intrepid and with a great desire to do. If in the first days of the week you might be a little tense for fear of not being able to finish everything, or be angry with yourself for not having thought about it before, from Thursday change your attitude. You may find that you don’t actually need to go it alone – the people closest to you can give you great advice and words of encouragement, so talk to them.

    horoscope week 29 August 4 September 2022 taurus



    At the beginning of the week it seems that you are not feeling very sure how much you can actually spend, partly because of the guilt that may arise at the idea of ​​treating yourself to something you really enjoy. It is around Thursday that you may begin to put your situation into perspective, on the one hand by intercepting those feelings that drive your desires at this moment, on the other by recognizing which aspects of your daily life are worth improving at this moment. When in doubt, try to look at things objectively.

    horoscope week 29 August 4 September 2022 Gemini



    In the first few days of this week you may feel a little out of place: the sofa is suddenly very uncomfortable, the people you live with seem annoying to you, so you may choose to spend a lot more time outside the home. Not that it’s a bad thing at this stage, especially from Thursday onwards you may realize that spending time in company, in contexts that help you feel relaxed, can give you a lot of new stimuli. Chat, take these days more lightly, try to benefit and have fun. And in the end, staying away from home for some time could help you see it with different eyes.

    horoscope week 29 August 4 September 2022 cancer



    Do not let your commitments accumulate: especially between Monday and Tuesday you may have a tendency to procrastinate because the amount of tasks and commitments makes you build a bit of performance anxiety. Perhaps, however, what you really lack is sincere feedback: it seems to you that all the effort you are putting into what you do is ultimately not recognized as you would like, especially by the relevant authoritarian figures in your life. Here then you might think about starting from the basics, interfacing with those who have always known you and can see your real needs – not all validation has to come from the outside.

    horoscope week 29 August 4 September 2022 leo



    In the first few days of this week, the order of priorities you have given yourself seems to be troubled by the constant proposals, or requests, of activities from your friends or the groups of people you are dealing with. In this situation you may feel like you are unable to accomplish anything, because you are continually interrupted by other tasks. So take advantage of Thursday to unplug and take a little excursion on your own: seeing a different scenario can help you reorganize your ideas and so at the weekend concentrate on something that really interests you.

    horoscope week 29 August 4 September 2022 virgo



    As much as you want to be on the spot and get busy at work earlier in the week, the idea of ​​taking on new tasks and responsibilities isn’t necessarily the ideal solution. You may find yourself at the center of some annoying discussion because it is not clear who the contact person who has to deal with the matter is and this could demoralize you. Arriving on Thursday, however, perhaps also thanks to a valuable advice from a collaborator, you should be able to understand which and how many resources to put into play to complete the task. A small win to enter the weekend more eager to get in touch with others.

    horoscope week 29 August 4 September 2022 libra


    Weight scale

    The first few days of the week call for some silence and introspection, perhaps because you are troubled by new information that you have come to know that leads you to question what you believed to be an absolute truth. You need time, of course, to process it all, but you will see that already around Thursday a conversation with a trusted person can help you see things in a different light. Thus you also regain the pleasure of communicating openly and developing your thought in words, in an active and stimulating exchange.

    horoscope week 29 August 4 September 2022 scorpio



    This week you may find yourself at the center of some discussions, perhaps because you don’t agree on how the people around you are going to handle certain issues. The fact, however, is that perhaps you are trying to impose your view of things too much: at this stage you are asked to be involved and collaborative, but it cannot work if you approach these interactions in a despotic way. Try to open your mind to new methods and practices, undoing the knots and getting out of your habits. Abandon yourself to the flow from Thursday onwards, so as to spend a more contemplative and relaxed weekend.

    horoscope week 29 August 4 September 2022 sagittarius



    You open the week with a lot of enthusiasm and desire to do, in fact you would like to include some knowledge in your projects, but it seems that you do not receive the same enthusiasm in response. It almost seems as if they are trying to bring you down, downsizing your ideas that are still under construction, asking you to be more realistic. As much as a bit of pragmatism is essential at this moment, it is from Thursday that you begin to better see the reasons why you are encountering resistance – on the weekend that with a light chat and your ability to play down you can be able to smooth out the differences.

    horoscope week 29 August 4 September 2022 capricorn



    No matter how hard you are trying to learn and experiment, you cannot expect to be able to master this new knowledge right away. The first days of the week could put you in front of this awareness, which could however generate in you a sense of frustration and surrender. Persist, already on Thursday it may be easier to identify the way in which you can really apply these concepts. Maybe it is also returning home and reminding yourself of the simpler things that you can find again the desire to discover.

    horoscope week 29 August 4 September 2022 aquarius



    It is not always easy to meet your requests and, especially at the beginning of the week, you have so many, to the point that the people around you do not even seem to take you seriously. Maybe it is you too who, in return, would prefer not to be too involved in the projects of others, but by Thursday you could start to see things differently. Perhaps it will be a chat with a bright person, or reading a stimulating content, to help you think in a more elastic and less dogmatic way. Of course, that little voice that tells you to defend your opinions at all costs is always present, but take this opportunity to learn something new.

    horoscope week 29 August 4 September 2022 pisces



    In the first days of this week, someone seems to disturb your intimacy, forcing you to face issues that in the past have been more or less important wounds. The point is, you can’t create a true bond without allowing yourself to be vulnerable, and on the other hand, you shouldn’t fear that your current bonds have the same implications as you have experienced in the past. Let yourself go, try to find the interests you have in common with this person at the end of the week: communicate, without too many filters, so as to find what really unites you and unites you right now.

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