Bars and restaurants, the alarm goes off: what awaits us in a few days

Bars and restaurants, the alarm goes off: what awaits us in a few days

Antonio Castro

Sweep of 11 billion only for small and medium businesses. The price blaze of the gas it is having a deadly domino effect on business and household accounts right now. In September, when the dreaded summer bills of the fourth two months will arrive in all homes – a generalized cry is to be expected. To make the calculation – projecting the increases in raw materials on the costs of supplying bars, restaurants, hotels, small neighborhood businesses – thinks Confesercenti which estimates a total drain of 11 billion.

“Without immediate action to cushion the impact of the increases in energy and gas”, a note from the trade association reads, “small tourism and tertiary companies will have to pay a maxi-bill of 11 billion in the next 12 months. euros, about 8 billion more than in the previous 12 months. An unsustainable sting, which risks putting 90 thousand activities out of the market ». But if small and medium-sized businesses with fewer than 20 employees suffer, even Italian families who risk a deadly blow will not fare better. This increase is added to the generalized and widespread increases in recent months.
The fear is that in addition to an increase in costs, a boomerang effect could also be triggered on consumption. Thus reducing the turnover of the exhibitors. «The increases», Confesercenti is an easy prophet, «will also have a negative effect on consumption. Bills and inflation are pushing families to redistribute the budget, in a context conditioned by the increase in fixed expenses ».

The problem is that the average monthly expenditure share for homes and utilities (housing, water, electricity and gas), has gone from 37.4% in 2021 to 38% in 2022. Consumer associations have already taken into account and estimated deadly September rises. If it is true that the price of gas at the Ttf in Amsterdam has skyrocketed (with flames over 300 euros per megawatt hour), it is inevitable to expect a blow. A year ago it cost just over 25 euros. The increases in the cost of raw materials could quickly translate into a high energy bill to pay for families and entrepreneurs. The Codacons speaks of a “sting” with an average of 711 euros in price increases per family arriving in the autumn due to increases in prices and energy tariffs. The calculation proposed by the consumer protection association. Upon returning from holidays, households will experience average price increases of 10% on an annual basis to fill their refrigerators. While to fill up the car, diesel prices are 16% higher than last year, with petrol costing 6% more.

The variable bills then weigh: in October Arera will periodically update the electricity and gas tariffs. Assuming an optimistic scenario characterized by an increase in tariffs in October of + 15% for electricity and + 20% for gas, the overall sting on energy expenditure would reach +965 euros per family in 2022. In short, with incomes still standing for years, there is little to do. It cuts where it can. And practically all the other items are at the expense, with decreases recorded in drinks, clothing and footwear, communication, recreation, entertainment and culture, even health expenses. “Without support, the system of small businesses will be crushed by the increase in costs”, comments Patrizia De Luise, national president of Confesercenti.

Until now, the government has reserved a discount as a tax credit only for industrial users above 16.5 kW of power. “It is necessary to expand it and extend it also to small ones, extending the support interventions at least until 31 December 2022”, states De Luise. It is certain that companies in the catering sector will pay the highest bill (+1.944 million). For bars and businesses without a kitchen, the burden could exceed 1,045 million. The request to the government – which in September should launch yet another 8/9 billion emergency intervention to defuse the energy emergency – is to introduce “longer installments to spread the shock over time”.

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