The list of 10 household appliances that consume the most, here is who to blame for too high bills

The list of 10 household appliances that consume the most, here is who to blame for too high bills

There are appliances that consume more than others and knowing this can help to lower the stratospheric bills a bit these days.

In Top Ten of the devices that we all have at home, and that consume the most, there is no air conditioning. This is one good news but attention to everyone else domestic appliances: some are highly energy consumingand they are “unsuspected”.

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If theincrease in gas prices is due to international tensions and conflict, why even the light costs so much? In reality it is really difficult to understand all the mechanisms behind them disproportionate increases electricity. Which I am started in 2021 is that, according to some estimates will remain in place for at least throughout 2023.

Rising costs of raw materialsbut also increased demand in the face of a difficulty in satisfying it, they stand weighing a lot on the pockets of Italians, both individuals and companies. And besides waiting for this situation to improve, we can not help but economize. Try to optimize consumptionnot to waste, of use what is indispensable and possibly eliminate the superfluous.

Of course it is easier to say than to do. Even because often we do not even know the consumption of the devices we use at home. Then with the following list we can understand better which are the most energy-intensive appliancesand therefore try to use them less.

Appliances that consume the most, the Top Ten

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the air conditioner is not among the devices that increase the bill. Of course you have to evaluate the average consumptionbecause the total expenditure depends also and above all on single habits. But in general, here are which appliances are the most energy-consuming.

  • Washing machine, Dishwasher And Refrigerator are among the devices that we can use “safely” because they consume very little. Of course, remember that the amount of energy absorbed by an appliance depends on other factors. Such as the Energy class of belongingbut also how it is kept clean and efficient.
  • The Air conditioningas mentioned, is at the bottom of the top ten. Removing the above variables, of course, because as we have also explained in other articles, a lack of maintenance is enough and the air conditioner “goes haywire”. Sends little cold air and consumes more. Generally speaking, a good air conditioner it consumes only 0.7 kwh And it affects the bill for just over 30 cents per hour.
  • Iron, Electric oven And Vacuum cleaner They are to the highest places in the rankings, because they consume more. But we must say that these are appliances that we can use every day without finding “nasty surprises” in bill.
  • Turning to the “worst” appliances in terms of consumptionwe point out the Air Fryer. On average it “sucks” up to 1.5 kwh. It must be said, however, that the preparation of food with this device takes place in a very short time, therefore we don’t have to give up using it.
  • In second place we find the Phon and the Kettle. Both, on average, consume more than the deep fryer, even reaching 16 kwh.
  • At the top of the ranking is the Electric Stove. Bad news, because this device is really comfortable in winter. The heating problemthis year, it will really be huge for familieswhich will be found between the increases in gas and pellet prices between anvil and hammer.

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