Tax, from 4 September everything changes: how (and when) you pay

Tax, from 4 September everything changes: how (and when) you pay

Antonio Castro

A bitter return for the Italian taxpayers: the tax from the next September 4th will only grant 30 days to pay the tax bills. And no longer the 60 days granted “pandemic cause” to meet the demands of the taxman. And it is not a matter of a few individuals who will end up in trouble: it is estimated that there are at least 16 million Italians with some disagreement with the treasury. Over a quarter of the entire national population including infants and minors. The taxpayers “with acts” registered “, are an army. An absolute majority party. It is no coincidence that in the past there are those who have tried to ride this mass of people politically, but in the electoral results they have only collected homeopathic percentages from” zero point “.
The fiscal respite ends next week. And the government will hardly intervene to postpone. After more than three months of suspension, the rules on amicable notices sent by the Revenue Agency to taxpayers following a formal check on tax returns will in fact be restored.

Twist of the scene: thousands of tax files are void, what to do immediately

BLACK PERIOD Basically from 4 September (which is a Sunday and therefore we talk about it from 5 September), the regularization of communications relating to automatic checks on personal income tax and VAT must take place within 30 days of receipt of the first communication or the definitive one issued to following the possible recalculation of the amounts due. And no more within 60 days as the government ruled in mid-May. The halving of the times risks putting Italians in trouble already struggling with a machine gun of increases that have not given respite for months. The negative aspect is that you will only have half the time to pay the taxes due, the interest and the penalty reduced to 1/3 compared to that ordinarily provided for in cases of omitted and late payment of taxes. In the event of an electronic notice to the intermediary who sent the return (accountant, tax consultant, tax assistance center), the deadline for making the payment and benefiting from the reduced penalty is 90 days from the transmission of the notice. The sanction applicable in the event of non-payment or late payment of taxes is equal to 30% but is halved “if the payment is made with a delay of no more than 90 days”. If the payment is made with a delay of less than 15 days, the penalty is further reduced to 1% for each day of delay. In short, who first pays less spends. Provided that he can pay the required money. What if you don’t want to or can’t start paying? After 90 days from the sending of the communication (defined “Bonario notice”), the fiscal machine will be activated to activate the collection mechanism, adding interest and a full penalty to the outline. If the taxpayer can claim tax credits, he can compensate them so as to reduce or cancel the amount of the file.

Except for those who can, the tax avalanche arrives: the bomb is ready before the vote

140 MILLION ACTS “We have 130-140 million files, 240 million credits to collect about 16 million citizens registered in the role”, made the account Ernesto Maria Ruffini, director of the Agenzia dell’Entrate who sits on a virtual warehouse of 1,100 billion euros . Virtual because only a “minimal” part (60/70 billion) can actually be intercepted. For the rest, the “warehouse” of uncollected credits last April had broken through the ceiling of 1,100 billion euros. At least according to the documents filed with the commission on fiscal federalism. It is a question – Ruffini warns concerned, who is in his second mandate – of «a unique warehouse in the world. Nobody keeps a 22-year inventory of unclaimed credits. Choices are made ». As if to say: it is useless to continue to record virtual tax credits in the balance sheet that you know it will never be possible to collect. It is true that the increase in the warehouse is also due to the suspension of the pandemic: I postpone the sending of folders in the years 2020 and 2021. Suspension that will now go to the attic …

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