Bills, how to save: from LED lights to pan-fried foods, here are all the tips

Bills, how to save: from LED lights to pan-fried foods, here are all the tips

Lower the temperatures of the radiators by one degree. Don’t linger in the hot shower. And use creativity in the kitchen. There are many strategies that can be adopted to try to fight the expensive bills. According to a study conducted by Aeneas last July, with some foresight, household bills can be reduced by around 180 euros per year. From July to today, the cost of energy has doubled and so, with a little attention, the savings could be even higher.

In these last days of summer, to seek refreshment, it is better to avoid air conditioning, replacing it with the dehumidifier, which according to experts reduces consumption by between 15 and 20 percent. “Waiting for more incisive measures both at European and national level – he says Roberto Tascini, president of Adoc – to contain the dramatic phenomenon of high bills it would be advisable to focus on a series of measures. For example, do not make excessive use of the air conditioner and when it is turned on make sure that the temperature in the house is six degrees lower than the one outside ». To worry, in the short term, will be the heating. “To reduce gas consumption, the radiator can be lowered by at least one degree, two if there are no elderly people at home – he says. Nicola Armaroli, Cnr researcher, author of the book “Energy Emergency” – but it would be advisable to start thinking about the self-production of energy, through photovoltaic panels. I, with a totally independent house for gas, spend fifty euros a month for heating, hot water, car charging and so on. And the extra energy produced and fed into the system is paid for ».

«You never think that hot water depends on gas. The shower should last three minutes, not ten, as many do, especially young people. And don’t leave the tap open when you go in and out », continues Armaroli. Here too, photovoltaics could help. “The cost of a battery-powered system is about 20,000 euros. Energy communities already exist in Europe, which are now arriving in Italy: more buildings share the system to spend less ».

When it comes to light, savings start with replacing light bulbs. “The LED ones – he adds – consume six times less than the incandescent ones and about half of the low consumption ones”.

Pay attention to appliances. “They must be used in the best bands in contracts that provide for a two-hour rate, in which case the timer must be set from 19 to 8 in the morning”, says Tascini. The washing machine must always be used with a full load. “Correct and periodic maintenance of the household appliances must be carried out – he continues – and, after use, the devices must not be left on stand-by”.

The dishwasher must also be used with a full load. It is good, Tascini underlines, “to buy state-of-the-art appliances. Energy efficiency is indicated by law on the labels: it goes from G, the lowest, to A +++, which allows for the greatest savings ».

Before thinking about the dishes to be washed, it is necessary to take care of their preparation. «The induction cooker allows a considerable saving compared to the traditional one», highlights Armaroli.

Not all preparations require the use of a stove or oven. A little imagination is enough to rethink your habits at the table. “Notwithstanding that there are price increases and ad hoc policies will be needed, some precautions can be used in the preparation of the dishes – explains the chef Alessandro Circiello, Federcuochi spokesperson and Rai face – the marinades are excellent and do not require fire. And the vegetables can be eaten raw, safeguarding the nutritional values ​​and not consuming energy. The raw spinach salad is yummy. Those who prefer them cooked can spend two minutes in a pan, avoiding boiling them for ten minutes ».

There remains the issue of price increases in products, which make spending more “salty”. “In this period, in supermarkets there are many promotions” Try me for free “, with reimbursement on the account – he says Serena Guatta, star in the world of savings and coupons, author of the book “Coupons and discounts” – Other products are reimbursed with gift cards, which are also won in some competitions. In general, it is good to compare the offers of several supermarkets, and then do differentiated shopping, always buying at the best prices ».

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