Francesco Totti will speak shortly “He discovered everything a year ago”

A news that comes like a bolt from the blue, Totti’s best friend makes an unexpected statement, Totti had discovered everything a year ago. Here’s what he said.

After more than four and a half weeks of speculation about the end of the marriage between Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi, now there is a confession that leaves a lot to think about.

Just the best friend of the Roma champion has decided to remove that veil of silence, which until now has left everything covered in mystery, and has revealed a truly incredible background. From what has been said it seems that Francesco already knew everything over a year ago, a secret kept in the shadows until today.

The separation between Totti and Ilary has an unexpected background

In this hot summer 2022 to hold the bench among the gossip news that have sparked public opinion there was undoubtedly the separation between the Roma champion, Totti and his wife for over twenty years, the presenter Ilary Blasi, despite we tried to get to the bottom of the matter, many aspects remain extremely confidential today.

The two in fact, after the official press releases announcing the immediate separation, have completely stopped talking about the issue. Consequently, all that came after were statements or indiscretions from friends, parsone close to the couple and obviously the inevitable paparazzi that made a close narration of the story.

In a short time the news reached everyone’s lips that the pupone had an extramarital affair with a mysterious woman, the photographs published by the weekly Who nailed the footballer under the house of this person who later discovered respond to the name of Noemi Bocchi.

It therefore seemed that the motivation that had led the most talked-about couple on television to separate was precisely this betrayal that had been going on for too long and that had exceeded all limits, but now comes a confession that completely reverses the situation putting another truth in the spotlight.

And it was Francesco’s best friend who made the tip who made a puzzling statement, the champion had found out more than a year ago.

The revelation of Francesco’s friend that leaves everyone speechless

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It was just talking Alex Nuccetelli, the former partner of Antonella Mosetti, it was he at the time who introduced Ilary and Francesco, when the woman was still a young Letterina on the program Word of mouth conducted by Gerry Scottitherefore a person who has lived the couple very closely in all these years and who is still linked to the pupone today.

Alex made a disconcerting statement to the gossip magazine Novella 2000 that no one expected, the same reveals, “What I do know is that Francesco will speak shortly: something happened a year and a half ago that bothered him a lot. After that, he considered his relationship with Ilary to be over ”.

Then he went on to say that Totti would never leave Ilary without a more than valid reason because he doted on her and adds that he felt a “Visceral love” for the ex-partner, so what happened that was so bad that it did take such a heavy decision to the former Roma captain?

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Also a difficult issue that has been dragging on for more than a year, so surely something they will have talked about for a long time. For now we can not help but wait for the words of Totti, which Nuccetelli has announced will arrive soon.

Obviously it immediately comes to mind the alleged betrayal of Blasi with the famous personal trainer of Milan, Cristiano Iovino. Initially the news came out that Francesco had found some compromising messages on the cell phone of the well-known presenter. Are we waiting for confirmation or has something else happened?

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