Primavera, the report cards of Atalanta-Torino 2-3: Scurto guesses everything

Primavera, the report cards of Atalanta-Torino 2-3: Scurto guesses everything

The report cards of the second day of the championship: Dell’Aquila plays the game, Ansah directs it to the start

Torino’s Primavera won 3-2 in Bergamo against Atalanta, taking the lead first, being recovered and returning to the lead in the final (HERE the commentary on the match). The double from Dell’Aquila was decisive, but above all the group: Scurto has built a team that knows how to stay on the pitch, knows how to change forms in the race and knows how to fight together. Great start of the grenade.

PASSADOR 6: When called into question, he answers present. He could objectively do little on the two goals, while in other situations he is good at saying ‘no’.

DELLAVALLE 6.5: Between ups and downs, defensively remains a certainty, even if it is to be understood whether or not he has responsibility for the 2-1 goal of the Goddess. Not very important, because in the end he gets the 2-3 game right. His assist to Dell’Aquila. Throw of 30 meters right and Toro who wins.

N’GUESSAN 6.5: Slightly better than Anton for the amount of balls recovered. It is growing and it shows. If last season he was often foul, now he is starting to stop opponents in a clean way.

ANTON 6.5: The captain cleans, fights, brakes the opponents. His experience can be seen on the pitch. Many times he’s good at getting the action clean again. Certainty.

DEMBELE 5.5: Too many errors, a little confusing. A step back from Cagliari. However, the French full-back has the potential to do well. Mitigating: he is a right back adapted to the left.

GINEITIS 5.5: Commits the foul of the penalty, mistake not from him. In general, he plays a game that is a bit subdued, you can see that he needs time to find the best polish. (70 ‘D’AGOSTINO 6.5: Entering such a difficult game is not trivial. He does it with personality and courage. Technically something is wrong, but it is also true that the 2-2 is born from his play. If he wants to try to convince Scurto to give him a starting opportunity, he is on the right track).

RUSZEL 6: Toggle between great plays and trivial mistakes. Worse than in Cagliari, but still sufficient. In the middle he always recovers a large amount of balls and is often good at dribbling to restart the team.

ANTOLINI 6: Some good ideas, a lot of dynamism. A game that is growing compared to the away match in Cagliari. (46 ‘JURGENS 6.5: Takes a crossbar, touches the goal several times, attacks the depth. Excellent match for the former Inter who can now hope for a starting shirt).

WEIDMANN 5.5: A small step forward compared to Cagliari, the continuity certainly helps him in the insertion. He often seems too much in love with the ball. (62 ‘MARCHIORO 6: Spring debut. Little is seen but the damage is limited).

ANSAH 6.5: Ready, go and score now. Passador throws, he thanks the defensive blunder of the Goddess and then he is good at depositing the ball in the net. He makes several mistakes, sometimes he tries to play that are not in his ropes. He does well to try, but concreteness is also needed. Scurto will have to work a lot on him, but for now that’s fine: 2 games and 2 goals. (86 ‘SAVVA sv: Spring debut for him too. A few minutes at his disposal, but in the pre-season he showed important qualities).

CABLE 6: Very few good balls received. Whenever he can, he goes to the counter with the Bergamo defense. (62 ‘DELL’AQUILA 8: Come in, score a double, give quality. When he is ready to play from the first minute, Toro will have a very important weapon from him. The first goal is of pure quality: defense of the ball by dribbling in traffic and shooting at the far post. The winning goal is from the striker: he lets the ball slip and makes no mistake face to face with Bertini. Jewel).

ANNEX DARK 7.5: A sort of King Midas of the bench. In the second half he gets everything right. Dell’Aquila is the only obvious choice, but less obvious is knowing how to put him in the right positions at the right time. He makes him start wide and he scores. Then to try to win the second striker moves and he scores. He guessed the changes and changes of form (well 3: 4-3-1-2 initial, 4-3-3, 4-5-1- and 4-4-2). You can also see the synergy with Ludergnani, because the team is well built and consequently also well trained. Thinking of a Torino with full points after the first two days was difficult, he made it. Now the fun begins.

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