Fiorentina-Napoli: the Italian conference

Fiorentina-Napoli: the Italian conference

Fiorentina: the Italian conference

“There is great joy and satisfaction for what we have achieved against Twente, it was a mission we wanted, we accomplished it and we are proud of it. We have concluded what we did last year, we are all happy and happy with these groups. easy, however, we will see in the end: you have to be good at making things simple, facing challenges with concentration and determination. We are a second tier, whoever is in front is baptized stronger and in Scotland a very hot stadium will be waiting for us, with 25 thousand spectators and Riga must be studied well. We wasted a lot of energy, the retirement and the start of the season were in function of this qualification. We were rewarded and now we start again, against one of the strongest teams in the league. Hopefully, in just one training session. , to have done things well “.

Italian about Gonzalez and Duncan

“There are difficulties and we have to manage them: I let you imagine what it means to go back at 4 in the morning on Friday and have to play again on Sunday. If you don’t have the kids involved in the journey, it becomes complicated. We will not have Gonzalez and Duncan, and there are also some injuries “.

Italian on Barak

“In my opinion Barak is a great graft, in terms of experience, quality and physicality. He has been playing in Italy for many years and it is a big advantage, especially to enter it as quickly as possible. He knows how to invade the area and score goals, he has personality and I think Fiorentina have made a great purchase. Physically he is ready, but yesterday he did the only real training. He has everyone’s esteem, we are convinced that we have included quality. We face Napoli at the beginning like last year, they were overflowing even then and have been a big Italian for years. We will face a difficult opponent, we will need a fighting spirit as seen with Twente. Each match is an examination and we will try to be as attentive and qualitative as possible “.

Italian on Naples

“Kvaratskhelia’s qualities are truly champion: he scores with a head, left and right. Great handsome player, congratulations to Napoli because he shows off a piece of great value. He, Osimhen, Lozano, Zielinski, Anguissa are strong, but also all the others … We have to be much better in these cases, often when the switch is turned on we succeed. Finding them here in these conditions for the second year also has a bit of bad luck … Let’s see then what we can propose , but if we enhance their qualities and we distort ourselves, we ruin everything. Attention must grow, against phenomena you have to think as a phenomenon “.

Italian on Amrabat

“Amrabat is experiencing tremendous growth, he has fallen into a position that he himself believed he could not do. He is applying himself, he has enormous margins on the distribution of the ball forward, while he already has sacrifice, dynamism and the desire to help his teammates inside. If he gets better still, he can get other great compliments: we’re giving them to him, but without letting our guard down. Cabral has to start showing up now, I understand the difficulties of the first months and now he is starting to understand what I want and to have more understanding with his teammates. He starts asking questions, understanding what he has to ask … In the two games with Twente he was very goodIt is growing”.

Italian’s words on Zurkowski, Kouame and Benassi

“Kouame and Benassi played, Zurkowski also … There is a list, there must be 25 players including 17 over, 4 grown up in Italy and the same number in the club. Unfortunately and reluctantly we will have to make choices, but as long as we are all able and I try to send the most useful ones to the field. Some speeches have not been made, but the time will come “.

Italian on Bajrami

“The player is strong, he has quality, he is young and he is from Empoli. I can’t add anything else. “

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