Live Spezia – Sassuolo: 2-2 Serie A 2022/2023. Live the match – Virgilio Sport

  • Where the game is played:

    Stadium: Alberto Picco
    City: La Spezia
    Capacity: 10336 spectators19:35

    Alberto Picco
  • Welcome to the live match of the 3rd day of Serie A, Spezia and Sassuolo face off.19:35

  • It is shortly before the start of Spezia-Sassuolo. Both teams to three points in the standings.19:35

  • SPEZIA formation (3-5-2): Dragowski – Hristov, Kiwior, Nikolaou – Gyasi, Agudelo, Bourabia, Bastoni – Nzola, Strelec.19:41

  • SASSUOLO formation (4-3-3): Advice – Toljan, Erilc, Ferrari, Rogerio – Frattesi, Lopez, Henrique – Berardi, Pinamonti, Kyriakopoulos.19:48

  • SPEZIA bench: Zoet, Zovko, Holm, Caldara, Sala, Ekdal, Beck, Podgoreanu, Kovalenko, Ellertsson, Verde, Sanca.8:00 pm

  • SASSUOLO bench: Pegolo, Alvarez, Obiang, Ayhan, Marchizza, Harroui, Thorstvedt, Defrel, Ceide, Russo, Pegolo, Ruan.19:59

  • Gotti’s choices: forward Nzola and Strelec, Gyasi and Reca the outsiders. In defense space to Hristov, Bourabia in the direction. Green on the bench.19:46

  • Dionisi’s choices: the trident in attack with Berardi, Pinamonti and Kyriakopoulos. In the median Lopez, Frattesi and Henrique. Toljan and Rogerio the full backs.19:49

  • In the four previous Serie A games between Spezia and Sassuolo both teams have always found the way to scoring.19:47

  • 1 ‘

    First half of SPEZIA-SASSUOLO. Referee Cosso directs the match. 20:45

  • 2′

    Pinamonti jumps Kiwior and puts in the center, Berardi does not control the ball.20:47

  • 4 ‘

    Cross by Kyriakopoulos, detour by Pinamonti towards the goal: Dragowski blocks without problems.20:49

  • 6 ‘

    Sassuolo remains in attack, Dragowski must leave the area to avoid a corner.20:51

  • 8 ‘

    Launch of Hristov, too long for Gyasi.20:53

  • 8 ‘

    Head shot in the area by Strelec on a cross from Bastoni, ball high over the crossbar.20:54

  • 10 ‘

    SPICE OPPORTUNITY! Cross of Reca, bank of Bastoni, Nzola turns but from a favorable position raises his aim.20:56

  • 12 ‘

    Berardi heads the extension for Frattesi, anticipated by the exit of Dragowski.20:58

  • 14 ‘

    Verbal warning by the referee to Bastoni after an intervention from behind on Henrique.20:59

  • 15 ‘

    Opportunity for Berardi, but is reported in an offside position.21:00

  • 17 ‘

    Combination between Bourabia and Strelec, Frattesi intercepts the ball which also earns a penalty.21:02

  • 20 ‘

    Strelec does not tame the ball, the action of the hosts stops.21:05

  • 23 ‘

    La Spezia phrasing, but Bourabia incorrectly calibrates the fan to the left.21:08

  • 24 ‘

    Central conclusion by Henrique, business as usual for Dragowski.21:10

  • 25 ‘

    Sassuolo’s first ring, Kyriakopoulos from inside the area engages Dragowski.21:11

  • 27 ‘

    GOAL! Spezia-SASSUOLO 0-1! Network of Frattesi. Kiriakopoulos bowl in the area, Frattesi with his head beats Dragowski.

    Look at the player’s profile Davide Frattesi21:13

    Davide Frattesi
  • 30 ‘

    GOAL! SPEZIA-Sassuolo 1-1! Simone Bastoni’s network. Cross by Reca, touches Erlic, Bastoni in the area comes from behind and with a left foot he slips Advice.

    Look at the player’s card Simone Bastoni21:17

    Simone Bastoni
  • 32 ‘

    Question and answer between Spezia and Sassuolo, two goals in three minutes.21:17

  • 35 ‘

    Nzola protects the ball and makes the team go up, punishment for Spezia.21:21

  • 37 ‘

    Foul in Nzola’s attack, the referee stops the game.21:23

  • 40 ‘

    Vigorous midfield contrast between Bastoni and Frattesi, the author of the Sassuolo goal remains on the ground.21:25

  • 43 ‘

    La Spezia moves forward and earns a corner kick.21:29

  • 45 ‘

    Hristov on the ground after a clash with Ferrari, headshot, medical staff on the pitch. Var check in progress.21:31

  • 45 ‘+ 2’

    PENALTY FOR THE SPICE! The referee, recalled by the Var, reviews the images and assigns the penalty for Ferrari’s wide elbow on Hrisotv.21:32

  • 45 ‘+ 2’

    FERRARI warned for unfair play on Hristov.21:33

  • 45 ‘+ 4’

    GOAL! SPICE-Sassuolo 2-1! Nzola network. Penalty kick transformed with extreme coldness by Nzola, Advice displaced.

    Look at the player’s profile M’Bala Nzola21:34

    M'Bala Nzola
  • 45 ‘+ 5’

    End of the first half: SPEZIA-SASSUOLO 2-1. Frattesi, Bastoni and Nzola scored from the spot.21:36

  • Spezia ahead 2-1 at half-time, first half full of emotions: at 27 ‘Frattesi headed the breakthrough, after just three minutes Bastoni found the equalizer. At 47 ‘the Var intervenes and the referee concedes a penalty to the Ligurians, Nzola transforms coldly.21:39

  • Balanced game in total shots (5 each) and ball possession (51% in favor of Spezia).21:40

  • 46 ‘

    SPEZIA substitution: Caldara enters Hristov exits.21:51

  • 46 ‘

    Start of the second half of SPEZIA-SASSUOLO. It starts from the result of 2-1 for the Ligurians.21:51

  • 48 ‘

    Caldara for Gyasi, the host defense closes.21:54

  • 50 ‘

    GOAL! Spezia-SASSUOLO 2-2! Pinamonti network. Toljan launch, Dragowski uncertain at the exit, misunderstanding with Caldara, Pinamonti bags into an empty net.

    Look at the player’s profile Andrea Pinamonti21:57

    Andrea Pinamonti
  • 52 ‘

    Reaction of La Spezia, Advice outgoing anticipates Nzola.21:58

  • 54 ‘

    Berardi kicks from the edge, shot blocked by Nikolaou.22:01

  • 56 ‘

    Gyasi touches the ball with his arm, nothing done for Spezia.22:02

  • 56 ‘

    Pinamonti tries again, shot deflected for a corner.22:03

  • 58 ‘

    SPEZIA substitution: Kovalenko enters Strelec exits.22:03

  • 59 ‘

    Agudelo advances in attack after Strelec leaves the field.22:05

  • 61 ‘

    Berardi’s cross, Kyriakopoulos at the far post fails to keep the ball in the field.22:08

  • 64 ‘

    Frattesi goes to the shot from a decentralized position, a busted conclusion.22:10

  • 66 ‘

    SPEZIA substitution: Green enters Agudelo exits.22:11

  • 66 ‘

    SPEZIA substitution: Ekdal enters Bourabia exits.22:12

  • 68 ‘

    EKDAL booked for unfair play on Frattesi.22:14

  • 69 ‘

    SASSUOLO substitution: Thorstvedt enters Frattesi exits.22:14

  • 71 ‘

    Gyasi in the area loads the left-handed, the ball ends wide.22:17

  • 74 ‘

    Prolonged possession of Sassuolo, ready a new change for the guests.22:21

  • 77 ‘

    SASSUOLO substitution: Defrel enters Pinamonti exits.22:23

  • 78 ‘

    SASSUOLO substitution: Ceide enters Kiriakopoulos exits.22:23

  • 78 ‘

    SPEZIA substitution: Sala enters and sticks out.22:24

  • 79 ‘

    Thorstvedt wedged himself into the area, but was rejected by the opposing defenders.22:25

  • 81 ‘

    EKDAL sent off for the sum of yellow cards, second yellow card for unfair play on Thorstvedt.22:27

  • 83 ‘

    SASSUOLO OPPORTUNITY! Rogerio’s cross cut, Thorstvedt stands out from the center of the area, ball to the side not by much.22:29

  • 85 ‘

    Prolonged action by Sassuolo, Spezia with 4-4-1.22:32

  • 88 ‘

    SASSUOLO OPPORTUNITY! Henrique in the area concludes with a sure shot, Dragowski’s diving response is effective.22:35

  • 90 ‘

    Four minutes of recovery are reported.22:37

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