Matteo Barattieri: the photo of the road he traveled, the omen of his death and the pirate car

Matteo Barattieri: the photo of the road he traveled, the omen of his death and the pirate car

from Rosella Redaelli

In the messages of friends someone seemed to foresee the tragedy: «Stay safe» – writes a friend, and another adds: «15 kilometers? At night? You have guts. Be careful not to be put under by some car ». And Blondie fans raise money

He shot himself the photograph of the street where he met his death. Matteo Barattieria well-known environmentalist from Monza, overwhelmed and killed Thursday evening by a pirate car in Nashville, while returning from the Blondie concert, told on his Facebook profile his last day on this earth, up to the last moments on the way along McGavock Pike. The social diary of the last day in life had opened with the story of a walk of 15 kilometers from the structure that housed it in a residential area of ​​the capital of Tennessee to the Arena. An environmentalist convinced with a sacred hatred for cars had noted: «There is no road for pedestrians to go directly from the hotel to the city center. The lady from the hotel was obviously embarrassed to show me a route on foot. You thought openstreetmap to show me a greenway that crosses a park (Shelby Bottoms) ».

Then the images of the Arena. He had arrived among the first “as usual” (as usual – he notes). There is also his disappointment at not finding any Blondie poster and his favorite singer Debbie Harry who had already applauded a few days earlier in New York. A few minutes into the concert he writes “My last gig” (my last concert). He probably should have returned to Italy, but now that phrase sounds prophetic. In the unaware diary of his last day Matteo also writes shortly after the end of the concert: «They played Ring of fire. that’s what I hoped “(they played Ring of fire, that’s what I hoped for). The last shot, with the music of the beautiful Debby Harry in her ears, is a street with no sidewalk, illuminated by a few street lamps: «And now on my way back, after the show. Walking. As usual after a Blondie gig ”(on the way back after the show. On foot. As usual after a Blondie performance). On the way back, before the fatal impact, he chats with his Italian friends. Renato Ornaghi, environmental engineer from Monza who shares a passion for walking with Matteo Barattieri is shocked: «I exchanged a few messages on whats app with him. I asked him about the concert, he was happy. We often talked about music, I was passionate about the Beatles and he was about Blondie. When in the morning I learned of his death I could not believe it ».

In the messages from friends someone seemed to foresee the tragedy: «Stay safe» – writes a friend, and another adds: «15 kilometers? At night? You have guts. Be careful not to be put under by some car ». The diary of the last day of life of this 57-year-old who looked like the eternal boy, well known in Monza, shocked everyone. Hundreds of messages of condolence via social media, as many memories also from those who did not share all his environmental ideas: «He dreamed of a park without golf, racetrack, tennis. Without anything that could disturb the tranquility of the park’s fauna, but it was a free voice ». Bianca Montrasio, spokesperson for the Park Committee makes a moving memory of it: «We met in 1994, side by side against the demolition of hundreds of plants in the name of modernizing the racetrack. He was then in charge of the WWF, a few months later we founded the Committee for the park and he has always been with us, but he was also a free spirit who also joined the Enough Cement Committee and dreamed of a green city ».

There are dozens of messages that the Park Committee is receiving with offers of help: «I am in contact with the sister – continues Montrasio – so that the family has already been contacted by the Consulate for the return of the body. I tell everyone to send me writings about Matteo that we will publish on our website, while we will ask the municipal administration to dedicate an avenue, a wood, a part of the Monza park that he loved so much to Matteo. We will also advance his candidacy for the Giovannino d’oro ».

Brother Davide and his sister Alessandra are dealing with the procedures for the repatriation of the body. They are the ones who received the news of the death from the hospital: «They told us they had done everything possible – explains the brother – and asked us for authorization for the removal of organs. We had never talked about it, but, knowing Matteo, I think he would have agreed to donate his organs to ensure a better life for another person ». The repatriation times will not be quick: “We were immediately contacted by the Farnesina which provided us with the contacts of the Detroit Consulate which also deals with Nashville – explains the brother – we will have to send a series of documents from Italy to organize the repatriation, while they will support us with the procedures necessary for the United States “. The family has also been contacted by Blondie fans who are promoting a fundraiser: «We are a bit embarrassed – concludes the brother – but we have authorized the collection. THE money collected will be used for the repatriation costs of the body or we think of allocating them to an environmental project on the park that Matteo cared a lot about ».

Meanwhile, the Nashville newspapers report on the incident: refer to the discovery of the body along the roadside. “Pedestrian killed in a suspected hit and run” headlines Newschannel5. There appears to be a witness who saw a white Nissan Altima whiz by at high speed from the crash site and the Nashville Traffic Police opened a number (615-7427467) to raccept anonymous reports to clarify how Matteo Barattieri may have been killed.

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