Vernazza: “Sarri feasted on Inzaghi's wait.  We fear that Simone ... "

Vernazza: “Sarri feasted on Inzaghi’s wait. We fear that Simone … “

Sebastiano Vernazza, who spoke in La Gazzetta dello Sport, analyzes the KO of Inter against Lazio in this way

Sebastiano Vernazza, who spoke in La Gazzetta dello Sport, analyzes the KO of Inter against Lazio as follows:

“Well done Lazio and congratulations to Maurizio Sarri for the additions of Luis Alberto and Pedro, changes that in the second half shifted the axis of the game and yielded three points of enormous specific weight, but this was the defeat of Simone Inzaghi. The coach Inter made wrong choices before the match – Gagliardini for Calhanoglu among the owners – and in progress: quite inexplicable, at 1-1, the exit of Dumfries, one of the few “drinkable” Nerazzurri until then. Inter have struck the minimalism of thought and ambitions. If you enter Lazio home with the fear of suffering Milinkovic, what will happen when in the Champions League you find yourself in front of Barcelona and Bayern? a year ago, when Inzaghi lost the same by 3-1 in his first exit at the Olimpico as a great ex. Most of all, however, weighs the reverse of strategy, the conservatism from which Inzaghi was possessed last night. commitment in between manale on Tuesday with the Cremonese, we can not believe it. We fear that within itself there is the perception of a lowering of values, visible to the naked eye on the left wing, in the downgrading from Perisic to Dimarco, and that it acts accordingly, but raising prudence to the cube cannot be the answer “.

“Too much reverence makes you lose confidence. The overturning of a proverb to criticize Simone Inzaghi’s initial decision, outside Calhanoglu and inside Gagliardini. The move, designed to stem Milinkovic Savic’s physicality, affected the quality of possession and the last pass. Inter mighty and in control in the first 20-25 minutes, with Lazio forced to tighten up, but there was no way that Lautaro and Lukaku would get clean balls. Not that the two in front were free from blame, especially Lukaku, wandering and clumsy, but an inspired foot was missing, capable of going beyond the routine. In the moments when Inter let go, Lazio emerged with dangerous “high” restarts. Immobile sent Handanovic two warnings, a diagonal slightly out on Marusic’s cross and a central blow on Anderson’s touch. Sinister defensive crunches by Inter, a victim of misunderstandings on the ball, prolonged and counter-nature because often aimed at the indis behind. The Inter disaster took place just before the interval. Milinkovic himself, the most feared danger, dropped a kick from the trocar and the ball glided in an air gap between Bastoni and Dimarco. Mark you that I mark, Felipe Anderson, almost incredulous, slipped into the indecisionism of the two and with his head he beat Handanovic, in turn not convincing in the step forward. An unacceptable goal, at these levels. “

“Inter finished 1-1 at the start of the second half. A lucky enough goal, Dumfries’ bell-towered and quick Martinez to take advantage of Immobile’s indecisionism in climbing: no offside and Provedel beaten. And here, in the moment. more favorable than Inter, refreshed in spirit and optimism to the point of approaching 1-2 with a header from Dumfries thwarted by Provedel, the difference between Sarri and Inzaghi was evident. Vecino and Zaccagni for Luis Alberto and Pedro. Lazio immediately took possession of the ball of the game, dribbled and advanced. It was clear that so much domination sooner or later would lead to something. Inzaghi took 12 minutes to respond and when it did done, he opted for the change of the two external players (Darmian and Gosens for Dumfries and Dimarco) and the center-forward (Dzeko for Lukaku), where it was clear that to equalize Luis Alberto’s “game” it would have been necessary to rely on Calhanoglu as soon as possible . At 75 ‘just Luis Alberto, on Pedro’s support, unloaded a phenomenal right at the intersection, with the help of a slight detour from Barella. At that point Inzaghi decided, in Calhanoglu for Gagliardini and Correa for Barella. New system, the 3-4-3 of hope. Too late, Lazio are not Lecce, beaten by Inter in the last second of the first day, and Pedro with a right-footed shot won the glory of 3-1. Nothing to object, Sarri feasted on Inzaghi’s waiting “.

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