Serie A, Spezia-Sassuolo 2-2: goals and errors, Pinamonti scores the same on a mistake by Dragowski

Serie A, Spezia-Sassuolo 2-2: goals and errors, Pinamonti scores the same on a mistake by Dragowski

One point each for Gotti and Dionisi: Bastoni and Nzola respond to the advantage of Frattesi on a penalty, then Pinamonti takes advantage of a defensive disaster by the Ligurians

The advance of the third day of Serie A ends with a 2-2 draw Spezia and Sassuolo. Neroverdi and Liguri thus remain arm in arm with four points each. Guests ahead with Frattesi but the equal of is immediate Sticks. At the end of the first half Nzola carries on his penalty but at the start of recovery Pinamonti thanks Dragowski and Caldara, authors of an incredible mess, and signs the final draw.

One point each for Spezia and Sassuolo in anticipation of the third day of Serie A: 2-2 and both teams go to four points. Sparkling first half that opens with Nzola raising his aim at 10 ‘. A little more than a quarter of an hour passes and Sassuolo scores 1-0 in the 27th minute thanks to a header by Frattesi on a cross from Kyriakopoulos. The black-green joy, however, lasts very little because at 30 ‘ Sticks equalized the score by finalizing a cross from Reca to the best of his left. Dionisi’s men feel the psychological backlash while the hosts are galvanized, the Ligurian efforts materialize in the recovery when the referee (called by the Var) punishes a wide elbow by Ferrari on Hristov in the area: from eleven meters Nzola reverses the result. In the second half the show does not drop and the 2-2 neroverde immediately arrives with Pinamonti, quick to take advantage of a serious misunderstanding between Dragowski and Caldara and bag empty net. Defensive disaster in Spezia with the goalkeeper missing the ball out and the young new signing of Sassuolo celebrates his first goal in the league. The rhythms remain high with a lot of dynamism, Ekdal just entered suffers two yellow cards within 13 minutes and is sent off in the 81st minute: the Swedish midfielder is naive who allows Sassuolo to organize the final assault with an extra man. At minute 88 ‘Dragowski partially redeems the blunder of 2-2 and closes on Henrique’s blow, in the recovery the Polish goalkeeper is still forgiven with a miracle on Defrel.

Gyasi 6 – As always, a lot of race and sacrifice both in the offensive and in the defensive phase to help the teammates
Nzola 6.5 – Cold from the spot, he moves all over the attack front, a point of reference that puts the opposing defense in apprehension
Rogerio 6.5 – Thorn in the side for Ligurian defense, dribbling and speed to very often create numerical superiority
Berardi 5.5 – He often tries from a distance and on a free kick with his magic left, but today something seems to be missing


SPICE (3-5-2): Dragowski 4,5, Hristov 5,5 (1 ‘st Caldara 4,5), Kiwior 6, Nikolaou 5,5, Gyasi 6, Agudelo 5,5 (21’ st Verde sv), Bourabia 5,5 (21 ‘st Ekdal 4), Clubs 6,5 (33 ‘st Sala sv), Nzola 6,5, Strelec 6 (13’ st Kovalenko 6). Available: Zoet, Zovko, Holm, Beck, Podgoreanu, Ellertsson, Sanca. Annex Gotti 6
SASSUOLO (4-3-3): Tips 6, Toljan 5.5, Erlic 6, Ferrari 5, Rogerio 6.5, Frattesi 6.5 (24 ‘st Thorstvedt sv), Lopez 6, Henrique 6, Berardi 5.5, Pinamonti 6.5 (32’ st Defrel 6.5), Kyriakopoulos 6 (32 ‘st Obiang sv). Available: Pegolo, Alvarez, Ayhan, Marchizza, Harroui, Russo, Ceide, Pegolo, Ruan. Annex Dionisi 6
Referee: Cosso 6
Markers: pt 27 ‘Frattesi (SAS), pt 30’ Bastoni (SP), pt 48 ‘Nzola (SP) rig., st 5’ Pinamonti (SAS)
Note: Ferrari cautioned; Ekdal expelled

Sassuolo have never lost at La Spezia between Serie A and Serie B; balance of two wins and two draws (both arrived in the last two matches played).

Andrea Pinamonti has become the only player born after 1/1/1999 to have already scored with five different shirts in Serie A (Frosinone, Genoa, Inter, Empoli and Sassuolo).

Spezia have earned four points in the first three games of this championship, they had never done better after the first three games of the season in Serie A (1W, 2P in 2020/21 and 1N, 2P in 2021/22).

Andrea Pinamonti found his first goal against Spezia in Serie A: the Ligurian team became the 16th team out of 26 faced in Serie A against which the forward scored at least one goal.

It was from 19 December 2021 (1-1 vs Empoli) that Spezia had not drawn an internal Serie A match; closed a strip of 11 home games without the sign X (4V, 7P).

It was since 7 May that Sassuolo had not picked up a draw in Serie A (1-1 home vs Udinese) while the draw in away games had been missing from 12 March (2-2 at Salernitana).

Simone Bastoni (five goals in Serie A) has taken part in two of the three goals scored by Spezia in this championship (assist for Nzola against Empoli and goal against Sassuolo). For the first time the ’96 class took part in two goals in two consecutive home games in Serie A.

Simone Bastoni took part in three goals against Sassuolo in Serie A (one goal and two assists); against any other team he has participated in more goals in Serie A (three also against Cagliari).

M’Bala Nzola, with his second goal in the league, scored for two consecutive Serie A home appearances for the second time, having succeeded in December 2020 (vs Bologna and Genoa).

Before tonight the last goal scored from a penalty by Spezia in the Serie A home match was scored by M’Bala Nzola on May 15, 2021 against Torino.

Spezia has always found the net in the five matches played in Serie A against Sassuolo; Among the teams currently in the top flight, Spezia has scored in all their games, including against Sampdoria, Lazio and Salernitana.

Davide Frattesi has scored four of his five Serie A goals away from home, today’s one being the first to head in the competition.

Since the beginning of 2022 no team has conceded more goals than Spezia in home games (20 like Empoli) among the teams currently in Serie A, while only Napoli (24) have scored more away than Sassuolo (21 equal to Lazio) in the partial in the top flight.

Giorgos Kyriakopoulos provided his number seven assist against Spezia in Serie A; he had not provided a winning pass in the competition since April 10 against Atalanta.

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