Palermo-Ascoli 2-3, hat-trick of a sumptuous Gondo and the long internal positive streak of the rosanero is broken

Palermo-Ascoli 2-3, hat-trick of a sumptuous Gondo and the long internal positive streak of the rosanero is broken

Ascoli challenge Palermo at the “Barbera” stadium in the match valid for the third first leg of the Serie B championship. Both teams are paired to 4 points in the standings thanks to a win and a draw in the first two rounds.

Bucchi confirms the 4-3-3 with Leali in goal and the defense made up of Donati, Botteghin, Bellusci and Falasco. Midline with Collocolo, captain Buchel and Caligara, in attack Lungoyi, Gondo and Bidaoui. On the bench Saric for which the two clubs are continuing to deal with some optimism on the positive outcome of the operation. Corini still relies on 4-2-3-1 with Pigliacelli between the posts and the rearguard formed by Buttaro, Lancini, Nedelcearu and Crivello. In the middle Broh and Damiani, on the trocar Elia, captain Floriano and Valente in support of the center forward Brunori. All the top Juventus managers were present in the stands, starting with the patron Pulcinelli. Beautiful setting for the public at the “Barbera” with over 22 thousand spectators, 176 Picchio fans in the Guests Sector.

The patron Massimo Pulcinelli at the microphone of Helbiz before the start of the race: “We are working to carry on the good things we did last season. Surely we have strengthened ourselves. Bucchi? He is a fantastic person, a great coach who has had a somewhat fluctuating career but as soon as I met him I immediately felt his very high professionalism. Pedro Mendes? I only learned the final part of the negotiation, the management was done by our sports director Valentini. It was complicated, international operations are never easy, we were convinced that he could be the right man for us, the facts will tell us if we were right. Final market rush? We still have a couple of guys coming in, there are also some exits in the works. This year is really an A2 championship with big clubs like Palermo and Bari who went up, Cagliari and Genoa who went down. I’m happy to be part of such an interesting tournament “.

At 5 ‘minute Ascoli’s pole with a tense corner from Caligara to return slightly spiked by Botteghin. The match was fragmented and without emotions until the 24th minute when a cross-shot by Valente from the left called Leali to a save that was anything but difficult. At 27 ‘, after the cooling break, Picchio took the lead with Gondo depositing comfortably with an empty net after an awkward intervention by Pigliacelli on a tense cross by Donati peeled with his left at the near post by Nedelcearu. At 29 ‘an interesting cross from Valente, a central header from Brunori, no problem for Leali. At 36 ‘there is the equal of the Sicilians: Valente’s corner, Nedelcearu spits, Brunori sings on the diving ball who gets rid of Falasco and thus achieves his second goal in this Serie B. Cut to the face for Buchel on the action of the rosanero network after a contrast with Nedelcearu, the Juventus playmaker is conspicuously bandaged. At 42 ‘intelligent assist from Valente for Brunori’s cut, a header that is lost to the side. In the first of five minutes of injury time Buchel does not find the mirror of the goal with a left-handed winger from 20 meters. At 50 ‘of the first fraction Gondo brings the Marche region ahead again with a fantastic spoon from the edge of the area on a splendid low-shot assist from Caligara.

At the beginning of the second half, Pigliacelli’s lopsided postponement, Caligara takes advantage of it and immediately kicks with the right hand from the line, remedying the rosanero goalkeeper. At 52 ‘the Picchio drops the trio again with Gondo who makes the most of a sensational hole in the midfield of Lancini, arrives in the area and beats Pigliacelli with a perfect left-handed diagonal low shot (fourth center in the league for the Ivorian). Bucchi inserts Falzerano in place of Lungoyi. Another mistake by the Palermo defenders, Gondo serves Bidaoui who in the area takes the ball to the right and touches the intersection of the posts after a series of feints. Corini changes the score by inserting the latest arrivals Di Mariano, Segre and Stulac for Crivello, Broh and Damiani. At 62 ‘classic action by Bidaoui starting from the left, an interesting shot saved well by Pigliacelli. Corini also lined up Bettella for a disappointing Lancini. Immediately afterwards the rosanero shortened the distance with Segre who, starting from behind, beats Leali with his head on Valente’s corner. At 72 ‘Bucchi relies on the experience of Eramo instead of Collocolo. There is also room for Dionisi, a monumental Gondo comes out. At 79 ‘Dionisi scored with an easy right inside in the area after another mistake by Nedelcearu, but the referee canceled for an offside by the Juventus captain on Caligara’s deep touch. At 83 ‘right to Elia’s flight from the edge after a bell tower ball, Leali blocks in two halves. Cramps for a very tired Bellusci, in his place debut in the championship for Simic. Providential defensive intervention by Buttaro to dirty an easy goal by Dionisi on a touch by Bidaoui. At minute 89 Palermo in ten: Valente, already warned, enters hard on Falasco in front of Bucchi’s bench and ends up in the shower prematurely. Nothing happens in the six minutes of injury time except for a powerful free kick by Stulac from outside deflected by Leali. Ascoli thus breaks the positive home series of Palermo which lasted from 7 March 2021 (31 straight games without defeat, the last against Juve Stabia) and rises to 7 points in the standings in view of the next home match against Cittadella .



PALERMO (4-2-3-1): Pigliacelli 4.5; Buttaro 6Lancini 4.5 (63 ‘Bettella 6), Nedelcearu 4.5Sieve 4.5 (56 ‘By Mariano 5.5); Broh 5.5 (56 ‘Segre 6.5), Damiani 5 (56 ‘Stulac 6); Elijah 6Floriano 6 (84 ‘Stoppa sv), Valente 5.5; Brunori 6.5. Available: Massolo, Grotta, Pierozzi, Somma, Doda, Peretti, Soleri. Coach: Corini 5

ASCOLI (4-3-3): Loyal 6; Donated 6.5Box office 6.5Bellusci 6.5 (84 ‘Simic sv), Falasco 6; Collocolo 6 (72 ‘Eramo 6), Buchel 6.5Caligara 7; Lungoyi 6 (53 ‘Falzerano 6), Gondo 9 (72 ‘Dionysus 6), Bidaoui 6. Available: Guarna, Giordano, Quaranta, Salvi, Saric, Fontana, Giovane, Ciciretti. Coach: Bucchi 7

Referee: Minelli from Varese 6

Var: Rapuano of Rimini

Goals: 27 ‘Gondo, 36’ Brunori, 50 ‘pt Gondo, 52’ Gondo, 63 ‘Segre

Red card: 89 ‘Valente

Spectators: 22,163 (Tickets issued 11,561 including 176 guests. Subscriptions issued 10,602)

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