The wedding (with cheering) of Federica Pellegrini and Matteo Giunta.  And the slap on dad before the "clicks"

The wedding (with cheering) of Federica Pellegrini and Matteo Giunta. And the slap on dad before the “clicks”

from Alessandro Fulloni and Paola Caruso

The wedding in the Church of San Zaccaria and the reception at the JW Marriott. Among the guests there will be Filippo Magnini, ex of the swimmer and cousin of the groom

It is about 6 pm and the Divine has said yes for a few minutes. When it comes out of the church of San Zaccariaa stone’s throw from Piazza San Marco, the approximately 300 people – a bit curious, a bit fans, a bit people who arrived here in Venice on purpose to see her dressed in white, radiant – huddled behind the ribbons that act as barriers, overwhelm everything. Applause, screams reminiscent of the curve of a stadium, whistles of joy between bells that ring. The first are the children, many. They slip under the legs of the bodyguards – who actually smile and do little to block them – and catch up Federica Pellegrini, 34, and Matteo Giunta, 40, newly married.

The irrepressible chaos. Behind the little ones are the parents, those who take pictures, those who turn lightning for a selfie, those who try to snatch a joke from the former champion and her husband, who has been her coach since 2013. The two do not seem to care, Simply radiant faith. He kisses Matteo, shakes hands, offers himself to the photographers for a few moments and then, arm in arm with his companion, lengthens his step towards the Riva degli Schiavoni where a motorboat and the vaporetto carrying the guests await him – 160 in all – to Isola delle Rose where, at the Venice Resort Marriott, there is the wedding dinner.

For the marriage the swimmer from the boundless palmars – one Olympic gold medal and six world championships, without counting the rest – classic dress, an ivory silk mikado dress. Surprisingly, it is signed Nicole Cavallo by Nicole Milano and not Armani as everyone took for granted given the historical harmony between the Divine and the Master. The boat neckline with a long train and floral embroidered veil: all simple, zero frills. Matteo – to whom a group of girls shouts: You are beautiful! – in a blue tuxedo with a black reverse and a maxi bow tie which does not seem very straight.

The ceremony was supposed to start at 4pm but Faith – noblesse oblige – comes with 40 minutes late. pap Roberto to escort her to the ceremony officiated by don Antonio Genovese, the former parish priest of San Vito and Modesto di Spinea that saw the champion grow up. But before entering the church, one of the most beautiful in Venice, there is a curtain between father and daughter who stop at the entrance for a good half minute, the time to fix the train. The photographers roar: Faith, come on, turn around! One shot with dad! …. But they have nothing. Then, pitying, she urges him, with a pat on the shoulder and a pat, to turn around.

Click, click, click… you enter. Then the yes, fateful. At the exit, here are relatives and historical friends. Many athletes or former athletes: i swimmers Domenico Fioravanti, Federico Scozzoli, Laura Letrari, the former ice skater Valentina Marchei and the mental coach Roberta Ioppi, the host of Italia’s got talent Lodovica Comello. Between bridesmaidsfive, the inseparable best friend, the frogman Martina Carraro. There is noex Filippo Magninitwice world champion in the 100 freestyle, married from 2021 to the ex velina Giorgia Palmas, and cousin of Matteo.

There are instead Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, president of Ntvand that of Cones Giovanni Malag
, at the exit of the function visibly moved. a great day of happiness – says the number One of Italian sport -, these are two guys who really love each other and I think they will be happy all their life (photogallery here).

Then off to the Marriott and its rose gardens. The menwho knows why, stay secret. We only know that a homage to Veneto. The cake should have been prepared by the star of the pastry chefs Igino Massari but he, even among the guests, does not confirm it: Eh, we’ll see ….

Before boarding the vaporetto, he lingers on the pier mother Giuliastopped by all: Am I happier today or after a gold medal? Two different things … But only the joy of Faith counts.

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