Mourinho durante la gara con la Juventus

Juventus-Roma, Mourinho: “At half-time I told my parents that I was ashamed. I miss three players.”

After Juventus-Roma at the Allianz Stadium, which ended 1-1, the Giallorossi coach José Mourinho spoke to the reporters’ microphones. The statements of him to Dazn:

What did you say with Allegri in the embrace at the end of the game?
“I don’t know if I can say exactly what I said to him. We had a lady’s ass in the first half and in the second half we did something more.”

What did he say to the team at half-time?
“That I was ashamed to be their coach. We don’t talk about tactics or changes, or modules, we need to talk about attitude. We can’t get here like we did, in the first half I was on the bench telling Foti to pray that he only finished 1 -0. At the end of the first half it was a fantastic result for us. I also told the players, we had to take advantage of the luck we had because the game could be closed. Sometimes you are dominated but you manage difficulties well, manage well the game until half-time, we didn’t even do that. Only luckily we got to 1-0. In the second half a completely different team and obviously inside the game. Unfortunately I have a bench with very few offensive solutions, no Zaniolo , no Wijnaldum and another striker who could arrive, with the three of them the situation would have been different. Allegri had problems and put McKennie, Milik … all different, the more you risk playing the way we played. If I analyze the times individually, in the second we deserved to win 1-0. I don’t want to say it’s deserved because it would be giving to the team that we didn’t have, the first half was bad. “

I see your defense much calmer after they concede the goals.
“For me it was hard to remove Mancini because in my opinion my three defenders were victims of a horrible game on fifth and midfield. If it’s an isolated action and then we concede goals and then we go well, but we didn’t go, we continued. I am very happy with the second half because playing here is not easy and when they go forward they know how to manage very well and they are good tactically. defeat is positive, going out knowing that we can obviously do much better is excellent. I never like to talk about those who don’t play, but Zaniolo in this type of games is our powerful player, the one who has the strength for individual tears in depth . We have been missing a lot, now there are three weeks left for her recovery and let’s see if someone comes tomorrow who can help us and push Tammy to do more because she has talked a lot with you but has played a few. simo “.

With the Salernitana and the Cremonese many beautiful outings of the ball. In a game like this, didn’t you have to bring out that personality? With Juve we are suffering, but you are strong too and there cannot be all those mistakes.
“That’s why I tried to be as honest as possible with you and whoever is at home, I could also talk one way in the locker room and come to you and do the phenomenon saying that we have changed everything and I’m very good. I’m not like that, not I’m hiding. This match is similar to the one we played last year at San Siro against Milan with a mistake at the start. With Inter Milan the same. We have to improve in this thing and wait for important people for us to arrive , also for the feeling of the players who know they have competition. Today it happened with the full backs, Karsdorp last year is a story, this year is not well, goodbye friend Celik enters, the same on the left with Zalewski. midfield and front today was important, I was afraid of yellow cards, it was difficult to manage the game. For everything that happened this point is fine for us. For me a great referee, I think he played a great game. Maybe you have a better vision. technol But on the pitch I had the feeling of a high level referee “.

What do you think of Abraham’s intense exultation?
“I like that he celebrates, he is emotional and has a sense of difficulty, justice and the importance of the result. I think we all know that the first half was not our place, maybe he rejoiced because he knows it is an important point for us. us and that with this he will be a little more sympathetic in the locker room “.

His statements at the press conference:

Did he say anything else in the locker room?
“Yes, but I am confident that they were prepared for that type of intervention. Last year we had some similar matches, like at San Siro. I had never felt that the team was prepared for such an impact. This season I have found a team that has grown, also from an emotional point of view. I had the feeling that they were emotionally prepared, the response was very positive and I like that. We have had maturity ”.

Rome more balanced in the second half when it was more offensive. What went wrong in the first one?
“For some reason I like to hear sometimes people who have been on the pitch. Di Biagio clearly said “when you lose the ball in the first phase there is no tactic”. When you lose the ball after two passes, there is no tactic. It does not exist, there are technical and emotional skills in management. When I said that today’s game was not connected with the ones that passed here: lie. They all thought the same, the players feel it. But well: I would say the referee is better on the pitch because he did well 90 minutes, after Juve who did well for 55, then we who did it for 35 who were lucky and almost won the game “.

How did you see Dybala?
“He always makes a difference. People think he does it well when he scores or assists. He did it, he is a point of reference for the team. I’ve seen Abraham in the interview before, it looks like he played a great game but he was awful. Dybala played well, Cristante did a great job to leave a more central area for Paulo. It was enough for us to step into the box in the second half and you could feel the fear of the stadium ”.

How many must change on Tuesday?
“The first question is why do we play on Saturday and then Tuesday while Monza on Friday and then Tuesday? There are players we cannot change. You also saw the bench, there were great limitations. Missing Zaniolo, missing a striker who I think will arrive tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. There is no midfielder to replace Gini. Three players missing. Today we changed the full backs and we improved. Celik and Zalewski entered well, we are fine there. We were fine in midfield before Gini’s injury, let’s go slowly. Matic is fine, maybe cramps “.

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