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“The separation was inevitable”, earthquake in Buckingham: children in tears

A further change in Windsor for one of the most loved couples by English subjects: Kate and William had to do it by force, the separation was really inevitable.

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Royal families often face huge changes, as has happened William and Kate che, unfortunately, this summer they had to face a tough separation, which also put their children to the test.

News that, for sure, disrupted their routine and above all it amazed the subjects, who for years have followed and loved the royal couple very much. Here’s what happened.

The separation at the Windsor home: the destroyed children

Kate Middleton and Prince William it can be said that they have been for more than 10 years now the most beloved couple of the Royal Family, the new generation that is carrying up the good name of the Windsors.

Always fully involved in royal commitments, William and Kate knew how to enter the hearts of their subjects, who constantly fill them with affection and gratitude for what they do, for their constant commitment to the kingdom of Great Britain.

William and Kate in Wimbledon
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The spotlight is always on them, that’s why no one missed an important step made this summer, a major relocation and separation from their daily routine. But what happened?

The Dukes of Cambridge, in fact, this summer decided to move from Kensington Palace, leaving all their staff and uprooting their three childrenGeorge, Charlotte and Louis from people who have followed them since they are infants.

But where did they go? Well, William and Kate have decided to move to Windsor, to be closer to Queen Elizabeth II, now at an age where the countryside has become her favorite place.

It always has been, but in this last period Elizabeth loves to stay in her summer residence, Windsor Castle, where she can spend a lot of time outdoors, away from the constraints of Buckingham Palace.

Kate and William closest to the Queen, that’s where their new home is

Prince William with his entire familytogether with his wife Kate Middleton, decided to spend the summer at Adele Cottagea gracious residence that the couple love very much near Windsor Castle.

William and Kate in Ascot
William and Kate at Ascot – Nanopress.it

The cottage, however, only has four bedrooms, enough for their family unit, but not too much for all their staff including the children’s nanny.

In fact, George, Charlotte and Louis had to part ways with Maria Teresa Turrion Borallo, who has been with them since their eldest son George was 8 months old. 44 years old, of Spanish origin, the woman who helps the Dukes of Cambridge is very good, even if she has to follow very specific rules.

Indeed, it is said that cannot pronounce the word “children” when he is in the presence of the princes. But this is not a rule imposed by the Dukes, but one of the many that the Cambridge nanny learned in the Norland school, where most of the nannies of the aristocrats come from.

Here, in fact, you learn a series of very strict rules, which serve to better prepare nannies who want to work in high-ranking environments, just like princely ones.

In short, a special summer for the little Cambridge, who spent time only with their real family, that is, their parents William and Kate.

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