Dear bills, the blow has already arrived: from coffee to pizza, passing through the first courses, here is the map of the price increases at the restaurant.  Dining is for the rich

Dear bills, the blow has already arrived: from coffee to pizza, passing through the first courses, here is the map of the price increases at the restaurant. Dining is for the rich

Fifty cents here, fifty cents there. An inattentive consumer hardly notices it. He takes the change out of his pocket, pays and leaves. But the increase is there, much more generalized than you think. A coffee, a plate of pasta, a beer and a glass of wine. And if until yesterday the “crazy” bills were the stuff of enraged traders, now the bill is overturned on the consumer. And on the most deeply rooted habits of each one.

Dear bills, prices rise

The bills (it is hardly news anymore), have shot up. The restaurants in Pordenone are struggling with bills to pay that are practically double if not triple compared to those of last year. Same period. Gas, but also electricity. And even before the autumn “blow” here are the first increases. Indeed, the loudest alarm comes from those who represent the restaurants, namely Pier Dal Mas della Fipe restaurateurs. The nightmare, in fact, is represented not so much by the increases of now, but by a need – encountered by the managers of the premises – to touch up the price lists not once, but for the whole winter. «The problem – he explains – will not be so much the current adjustments. I myself (La Primula, starry from San Quirino, ed) I adjusted the price lists going – for a first – from 20 to 22 euros. We will be forced to raise prices monthly, proceeding in small steps. It is inevitable to change the price lists. Either way, or it closes ». The nightmare of monthly tweaks on the horizon, then. And not just a “small” adjustment.

Costs up, the bill at the restaurant goes up too

There is no need to wait for October. There are already increases between Pordenone and Udine. Lunch or dinner costs more. For example, it starts with pizza. The stuffed, for example, in the region is on average one euro more than what happened at the beginning of the summer. «We – says Carlo Nappo, restaurateur from Pordenone – have chosen to increase the cost by 50 cents. But it is still not a sufficient measure to cover the costs we have ». “I have a 4 thousand euro bill, what should I do?” Explains Simone dell’Ovest, and we are still in Pordenone. So the coffee went from one euro and thirty to one euro and fifty cents. “I will not be a ‘loan shark’ – he continues – and I will only increase by 50 cents where the costs have risen at the source”.

Bills, an 11 billion dollar maxi sting is on the way for businesses. Average expenditure for families: +711 euros, energy has an impact on transport costs and also on health

Gas and electricity bills skyrocketing

An example above all. Beyond the sting on gas and electricity, suppliers of food raw materials have already practiced three or four increases since the beginning of the year, when in the past – according to restaurateurs – this dynamic occurred once a year. or even biennial. «Already in February – explains Sabrina Gardonio of the Pecora Nera bar in Pordenone – we made the first adjustment to the price list. Now we are faced with the skyrocketing prices charged by our suppliers. We frankly don’t have many alternatives and we can’t always get out of our own pocket ». Then we move from Cico, in via San Giorgio. «We restaurateurs – explains the owner – must be careful. We cannot raise prices out of all proportion. I have retouched the price lists by fifty cents. Unfortunately, the balance is very thin, because we risk losing our customers and working less. To really pay our bills, we would have to raise our prices by 20 percent. It would be impossible ». A shared opinion: in order to “make up for it”, it would be necessary to make a dinner in a restaurant “impossible”. Stuff for the rich.

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