Bills, an 11 billion dollar maxi sting is on the way for businesses.  Average expenditure for families: +711 euros, energy has an impact on transport costs and also on health

Bills, an 11 billion dollar maxi sting is on the way for businesses. Average expenditure for families: +711 euros, energy has an impact on transport costs and also on health

A bill from 11 billion euros, 8 billion more than a year ago. This is the disproportionate cost that small businesses are preparing to pay if there is no immediate action to cushion the impact of the energy and gas increases. Small tourism and tertiary companies will have to pay this 11 billion euro maxi-bill in the next 12 months: this is about 8 billion more than in the previous 12 months.

An unsustainable sting, which risks putting 90,000 businesses out of business. The alarm was raised by Confesercenti who, on the basis of the current electricity and gas tariffs, it has calculated the increase in costs that companies with less than 20 employees will have to bear operating in tourism and in other sectors of the tertiary sector, from trade to services. They will pay the highest bill companies in the catering sector, which will have to spend – with the same consumption – almost 2 billion euros more (+1.944 million), while for bars and other activities without kitchens the burden would be just over one billion euros (+1.045 million ). It would be an unsustainable sting, declares the association: «Without support, the system of small businesses will be crushed by the increase in costs. The government in office should act using all the powers at its disposal, ”comments President Patrizia De Luise.

Of great importance – underlines Confesercenti – also the impact on hotel accommodation: for hotels, pensions and small hotels, the additional outlay will be over € 1.5 billion. For the neighborhood shopson the other hand, the expensive bill will cost 912 million euros more, while the increase in spending for Italian fuel distributors will be +436 million euros in twelve months.

The price increases will also have a negative effect on consumption. Bills and inflation are pushing families to redistribute the budget, in a context conditioned by the increase in fixed expenses. The share of average monthly expenditure involved in household expenses and utilities (housing, water, electricity and gas), goes from 37.4% in 2021 to 38% in 2022, and also the incidence of transport expenditure increased by 0.7 points. Practically all the other items, with decreases in beverages, clothing and footwear, communication, recreation, entertainment and culture, even health expenditures. “Targeted interventions are needed for smaller activities – suggests the association – Up to now we have mainly intervened in favor of medium-large companies: the tax credit, for example, is only intended for users above 16.5 kW of power.

Instead, it must be expanded and extended also to small ones, by extending the support interventions at least until 31 December 2022; but long installments are also needed to cushion the shock. At the same time, we need to push the accelerator on the diversification of sources and encourage, starting from the fiscal lever, also consortia for the purchase and production of clean energy ».

Families, salt shopping: + 711 euros

The return from vacation will be particularly bitter this year for families, due to the increases in prices and tariffs that are about to hit the Italians and which will determine a real “autumn sting” on average equal to +711 euros per family per year between September and November. Codacons denounces this, calculating the expenses that the Italians will have to face. The first expense will be food with average price increases of 10% on an annual basis. A nucleus of 4 people thus finds itself this year spending 172 euros for the first post-holiday food supplies, with an increase of around 16 euros compared to 2021.

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