Farewell to Dancing, the whole truth by Roberta Bruzzone: "Now I'm talking"

Farewell to Dancing, the whole truth by Roberta Bruzzone: “Now I’m talking”

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The criminologist will not be part of the cast of the next season of the program helmed by Milly Carlucci: motivations and background

Dancing with the Stars 2022 warm up your engines. Milly Carlucci, true to the motto, “team that wins you do not change”, the jury of last year confirmed en bloc. The only defection is that of Roberta Bruzzone who will no longer be part of the program team. The news was not made public with the details and it was not clear if the farewell was the result of the desire of the broadcast to focus on new faces or if it had been a decision taken by Bruzzone herself. In the past few hours, through a post published on Instagram, Roberta has clarified the story, explaining in detail what happened and why she will no longer sit on the jury.

No problem with Dancing with the Stars and no friction with Milly Carlucci. Bruzzone explained that the decision to renounce the engagement with the popular Rai Uno show was her decision, dictated by her professional commitments. In announcing the forfeit, she added that the talent organizing machine had reconfirmed her, but that it was she who slipped away. Of course, all the thanks also came to the television staff with whom you have worked in recent months.

Dear friends, in consideration of the many messages received, I confirm that I have decided to end my professional “adventure” in the Dancing with the Stars program despite the fact that the production has asked me to confirm my presence also in the edition that is about to begin “, Bruzzone made her debut, accompanying the title of a journalistic article that spoke of her absence in the next edition of the program.

Space, therefore, for the reasons that led her to say no to Milly Carlucci: “I preferred to take a step back because the countless work commitments that await me prevent me from guaranteeing my presence on Saturday night on Rai1. This temporary foray into the world of pure entertainment was very interesting from a professional point of view, it enriched me and allowed me to convey important messages“.

It’s still: “But now what little time I had available has been further reduced. Hence the decision to refuse the request to continue being part of the cast ”. Finally, good luck to the broadcast for the start of the new season: “I wish all the Ballando family to replicate the great success of the previous editions. Ad Maiora semper “.

Some faces of the show commented on the criminologist’s farewell. “I’ll miss you”he wrote Wild Lucarelli who instead will again be the protagonist of the talent in the role of juror (according to the latest rumors on the track there will be his partner Lorenzo Biagiarelli). Even the ‘veteran’ Carolyn Smith has reserved sweet words for the criminologist, reiterating the same concept of Lucarelli: “We will miss you”. Of the same opinion Alberto Matano: “I will miss you, but we always see you at La Vita in Diretta”.

Enrico Montesano in Dancing with the Stars, the protest breaks out

In the cast of the new edition of the show there should also be Enrico Montesano. As soon as the news leaked, a fuss on social media was triggered. Many users have criticized the choice of the program as the actor, since the pandemic broke out, has taken conspiratorial positions and no vax.

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