Monkeypox HIV Covid West Nile and now also the 'Tomato Flu', what happens in the world (and to our antibodies) The situation

Monkeypox HIV Covid West Nile and now also the ‘Tomato Flu’, what happens in the world (and to our antibodies) The situation

First Monkeypox HIV Covid and now Tomato Flu, the latest of the new diseases discovered, which affects young children. What is happening in the world.

They call her the “tomato disease” because of the big ones red patches and blisters that appear on the skin. The Tomato Flu it is affecting many babies and children. New and old diseases are afflicting the world.

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Reading the daily news comes the feeling of not being able to “keep up with” all the diseases in circulation. The Covid it seemed like a terrible event, a more unique than rare pandemic. But something must have changed, because in the past few months they are outbreaks of numerous other serious and sometimes life-threatening diseases have broken out.

It doesn’t take long, unfortunately, to draw up a list of the many, too many viruses that are affecting people. Today we are still counting those infected with Covid. Despite the massive vaccination campaign, the disease is circulating abundantly among populations around the world. Contagion rates are rising. Tens if not hundreds of people continue to die every day. It is “fortunately” that the variants do not give the effects as severe as those of the original strain. It turns out, always “fortunately”, that with a timely treatment based on anti-inflammatories (Ibuprofen) the severe form is avoided.

Suddenly However, a disease that had been “good” until todaythe smallpox of the monkeys, it expands and infects mainly young men. Dozens and dozens of cases around the world, so much so that it has become one new health emergency. “Luckily”, even in this case, that there are off-label vaccines that appear to be effective. And in any case the disease disappears on its own in most cases, in a couple of weeks. It is enough to carry out the right drug therapy.

Let us remember then the striking case of the young man from Palermo who returned from a vacation and was diagnosed with three serious diseases in one fell swoop: Covid, Monkeypox and HIV. Not even two days have passed since this news we learn of a young 25 year old that, in addition to Monkeypox and HIV, he also got Syphilis.

L’AIDS it is a disease that it never disappearedbut in the last few days begins to reappear “on the scene”. Experts have even found one even more contagious variant. It is reported by a ANSA article of February this year.

Then we come to the West Nile and the thing, perhaps, becomes more complicated. Because this virus has also been around for some timebut from Padua comes a disturbing alarm: “it is having more serious effects, especially on a neurological level, in infected patients“. She is still trying to understand why.

Monkeypox HIV Covid West Nile is now also ‘Tomato Flu’

FromIndia they are arriving bad news. A possibly unknown disease has already hit a hundreds of small childreni, aged up to i 5 years. Symptoms, in addition to fever and weakness, manifest with the appearance of strange and large red bubbles on the body, which become like tomatoes. Hence the name of the new disease.

The assumptions are differentand take into account the appearance of a new virusbut also that of one variant of the already known exanthematous diseases. Also in this case, always “fortunately”, it appears that the infection is not fataland the authorities are treating patients with plain paracetamol (also known as Tachipirina) to lower fever and decrease pain.

The fact that a new disease is present currently only in India it’s not very reassuring. Experience has taught us that one infected “carrier” is enough and in the blink of an eye the whole world is in danger. Also, as it is told on The Guardianthe tomato influence is concomitant with the increase in cases of Covid and Swine Flu.

The latter disease which, we recall, boasts a sad record: it was the first pandemic of the 21st century. It was 2009. Despite the alarms and the exceptional approval of three vaccines (as for Covid) there were no obligations and, albeit with numerous victims, the virus then became endemic.

Did we forget something? Yes, the Denguethe yellow fever, Zika And Chikungunyathe mosquito-borne diseases, just like West Nile. Approximately 1 million people die each year from the complications of the aforementioned infections worldwide. In the face of hundreds of millions of infected.

So a disturbing relationship, the one that emerges from all the data released daily by the various countries. Are viruses mutating? We have truly entered the era of Pandemics, as one suggested known philanthropist? But most of all, our immune system will be able to cope with all these new (and old) attacks? Certainly man will have to try to counter the evolution of the various viruses, but we must also remember that isolation is not a good solution. It did not work with Covid, on the contrary.

Some experts have long denounced the fact that disinfecting often and not contracting diseases lowers the natural defenses. Let’s not talk about the devastating effects on the psyche that had the lockdown. The emotional well-being of so many young people has been literally wiped out. Replaced by panic attacks, self-harm, anxiety and fear of life.

Even the Ministry of Healthin a circular, He “admitted” that perhaps having kept the masks too long prevented other viruses from circulating. Once “back to normal”, our body suffers more.

The hope is that, as well as drug therapies and vaccinesare also disclosed useful information to do raise people’s awareness. To protect their health (also) with correct eating habits.

Science and Research have always maintained that lead a healthy life without too much stress (or continuous tension and fear) and without excess, e with a Mediterranean-style diet you can already do a lot. It can give the body everything it needs to fight many diseases and reduce the risk of developing tumors.

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