Juve-Roma, la sfida delle 'peggiori': se Mourinho vince, è da scudetto. Allegri a rischio crisi e Dybala può fargliela pagare

Juve-Roma, the challenge between the big players who play worse: if Mourinho wins, it is from the Scudetto. Dybala can make Allegri pay the bill

Juventus and Roma are the teams that, of the nine that precede the rest of the group, play worse. And they are also the only ones who have not conceded a goal in the first two days. There is probably no correlation between their gambling deficit and defensive propensity. The fact is that in Juventus, if Vlahovic or Di Maria does not score (the latter also absent tomorrow), does not score anyone. Is that Roma’s two victories came from a midfielder (Cristante) and by a defender (Smalling). Abraham is dry, Dybala has hit a post and missed two goals in two games, Zaniolo (injured like Di Maria) is a great propitiator of offensive solutions, but has not yet seen the door. Having said all this, it must be admitted that in the third day of Serie A there is no exciting challenge like this. From Turone’s goal onwards it was all a crackle of controversy, confrontations, accusations, provocations, conflicts, protests. Now that an agit-prop like Mourinho sits on the Roma bench, the pressure on the match is even greater. The risk is to speak much later, without having too many arguments other than those of dialectical, but not technical, opposition.

Who is worse off is Juve, but certainly not because he has two points less in the standings. That is the consequence of a an overall attitude that is not found in the recent past. The team produces little, the quality players are all injured (Pogba, Di Maria, Church), the only one who could release the propellant of the goal, namely Vlahovic, is too alone and struggles to touch a dozen balls per game. When he does, he also manages to invent (see the assist for Rabiot in the goal disallowed in Genoa), but he certainly needs assistance. Milikjust arrived from Marseille, it is more an alternative than a complement even if I believe, at least sometimes, in the possible Vlahovic-Milik match. I am thinking first of all of the 4-4-2 and some games that are difficult to unpin. Having a battery of crossers, Juve will be able to seek with assiduity for the goal by air. The problem is that this seems to be the only way to attack, to build, to maneuver. The other is to rely on the individual and hope that, by virtue of a higher class, he invents some play. Too little for a coach like Massimiliano Allegri who earns nine million a year and he had returned to Juve to win back immediately.

With these premises, Roma finally has the chance to break through the Stadium and keep the top of the table with full points. More than the feat of winning in Turin, its effect would be sensational. Even if it is soon for everything, Mourinho would light a beacon on the ambitions of the team and the club and would no longer be able to refuse the title of contender for the Scudetto. Juve, on the contrary, would sink into a crisis principle which would follow the bad start of last year (beaten in Naples on the third day) probably destined to tear the relationship between coach and fans. Let’s be clear: the link between Allegri and Juventus is very solid (and the heaviness and duration of the contract are proof of this), so thinking about alternations in the race is out of reality. However the malaise is generalized and a defeat would complicate a season that, born under the hope of redemption, is undermined both in the league and in the Champions League (Paris Saint Germain and Benfica are opponents who can end up ousting Juve from the group stage).

Tomorrow is also the day of Dybala’s return and, the height of the joke, it would be a defeat propitiated by a goal, an assist or, in any case, a significant performance by the Argentine. According to me, not renewing his contract to bet everything on Vlahovic, it was a mistake that, however, both the management of Juventus and Allegri himself have not yet paid. It may be that fate will knock on the door of the match tomorrow, it may be that in the end Roma will benefit more from Dybala than Juve did. I personally think that if Juventus-Roma were really the sum of many individualities, rather than a choral game, Dybala would really be a suspect to become decisive. In short, with the same ugliness, Roma have a greater chance of winning the game than Juve. I don’t believe in the draw hypothesis (however useful for the Giallorossi), while I am sure that the inviolability of the defenses will be broken. In short, a game with goals. But beautiful, no. It would take at least one coach who thinks to win by playing better than the opponent.

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