Omicron, among those who are vaccinated pay attention to these 9 symptoms: what the experts say

Omicron, among those who are vaccinated pay attention to these 9 symptoms: what the experts say

It seems that the Omicron 5 variant, which this summer raised the level of infections as never before in the hot season, presents symptoms in vaccinated people. The spread of Omicron 5 allowed a more sub-variant light to become dominant, with positive consequences on hospitalization and management of the pandemic. At the moment, however, the number of deaths remains quite high compared to media attention and that of Italians. In fact on the day of Thursday 25 August 2022compared to almost 25,000 infections – many others are submerged because of the homemade tampons – they are counted 84 deaths.

The Omicron 5 variant is a “better” variant, as it is more simple to managebut presenting it nonetheless more or less severe symptoms. According to a study published in the Journal of Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology Eurosurveillance, new symptoms characteristic of vaccinated subjects have emerged. The newspaper reported the news The Independentwhich published the results of the study carried out in Norway on 111 people who had attended a party and generated an outbreak.

From the research evidence it emerges that, vaccinated or not, the people present and infected have manifested rather generic symptoms of a flu. However, symptoms such as nausea, dizziness and fainting are added among those found among the positives previously vaccinated. That is new symptoms.

New symptoms of Omicron 5: what they are and who is most exposed

Omicron 4 and Omicron 5 have become the dominant variants for the summer season. A positive sign, since they represent the two most controllable sub-variants not so much for their diffusion, but for their ability to cause serious disease to develop. Today the Omicron sub-variant continues to infect a large number of people, with about 25,000 cases only on the day of August 25, 2022. Many of the positive subjects, found through a quick homemade test, do not even report themselves and self-isolate anymore. This is because the virus in a lighter form has stopped frightening. Is the situation underestimated? Net of the attitude of greater tranquility of the Italians, still today almost 100 people continue to die a day.

In October, a period considered decisive for understanding the future trend of the pandemic for the winter, new symptoms could arrive, even for the vaccinated. According to a study released by The Independent and published in the Journal of Infectious Diseases of Epidemiology EurosurvellianceOmicron 5 is able to generate more evident symptoms even in vaccinated subjects.

THE symptoms found are:

  • persistent cough;
  • a runny nose;
  • fatigue;
  • sore throat;
  • headache;
  • muscle aches;
  • fever;
  • cold.

The most common symptoms are cough, a runny nose And fatigue general. But according to experts, in addition to the typical symptoms of a flu, Omicron 5 is also capable of causing nausea, dizziness And fainting.

It is these symptoms that are most common among vaccinated people who are infected with Omicron. In particular it is fainting one of the most worrying new symptoms, because it could be linked to a phase of decreased oxygen to the brain following a change in blood pressure.

The symptom in the vaccinated is quite new, but not new to SARS-Cov-2. In fact, one of the methods to understand if there is to worry in case of positivity to Covid is to have an instrument at hand that measures not only heartbeat, but also the oxygen saturationtaking into account that the normal saturation data is that which ranges from 95% to 100%.

Who is most affected by the new symptoms of Omicron 5

The study published in Eurosurvelliance it takes as a sample only 111 people who participated in the same party and thus generated an outbreak; but data referring to the new symptoms also come from other studies. Always on The Independent in fact, it is recalled that this variant emerged from Africa and several studies have been carried out on the continent.

From these it emerged that the people who suffer most of these new symptoms, similar to a new aggressive cold, are mainly people already vaccinated. In particular it appears that the 40% of women reported suffering fatigue more than men.

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