In many cars there are these “letters”, but few have wondered what they mean | The explanation is simple

When you get on board your car it is important to have full mastery of it, not only to know how to juggle traffic but also to know options and various functions on board. This will ensure that you do not run into major problems during a trip.

Being familiar with your car and knowing all the available functions is essential not only to make the driving experience more enjoyable, but also to know how to manage any eventuality in case there should be problems.

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And it is precisely for this reason that when you change car it inevitably takes some time to get to know it better, as well as to know how to manage its size in each maneuver. The most modern cars have become more and more performing and provide a series of interesting functions, which can prove to be fundamental on some very specific occasions. But do we really know them all?

In the car there are letters with very specific functions: do you know them all?

The recently produced cars certainly have functions and accessories that until some time before seemed to be almost unthinkable. This is the case, for example, of the automatic gearbox, available as standard in some models and suitable for those who want to fully enjoy driving without too many thoughts.

In the aito that have this characteristic there is no clutch pedal, which with the manual gearbox is used to change gears; in this case, as the name implies, everything happens automatically. Therefore, the driver does not have to do anything.

But what is the operation? In this case there is a control unit, able to recognize the number of engine revolutions and therefore understand when it is necessary to change the gear. The driver can therefore only use his right foot to brake and accelerate.

Having a vehicle with an automatic transmission can be ideal especially for those who are used to making rather long trips, perhaps on a daily basis for work reasons. In this way you will arrive at your destination more relaxed, even on the physical level.

Do you really know the functions of the automatic transmission?

To really understand what the potential of the automatic transmission is, however, it is useful to know some more information. Unlike the manual gearbox, where the numbers of the gears are indicated, in the automatic one we find a series of letters, which indicate a series of specific functions.

In almost all models it is possible to find PRNDS sequence, and other letters such as L and M / S. These indicate some words in English, namely:

  • P. = Parking
  • R. = Reverse
  • No. = Neutral
  • D. = Drive
  • S. = Sport
  • L = Low
  • M / S = Manual / Sport
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These allow you to perform some fundamental actions, that every driver must know.

  • Parking: must be used before turning off the engine, then at the end of parking. This leads to the locking of the drive shaft and wheels, in such a way as to stop the machine completely.
  • Reverse: to be used when you need to reverse, exactly like that of the traditional gearbox.
  • Neutral: used when you have to put the car in neutral. In this case it can be useful when you have to make long stops, but without forgetting to use the handbrake. Alternatively, it can be used when you want to heat or cool the passenger compartment before leaving.
  • Drive: it is used for “normal” driving on the road and is therefore the fundamental one.
  • Low: are the “reduced”, or the gears to be used in steep climbs or descents.
  • Sport: The gear shift takes place at a higher rpm. The pace is faster, but consumption inevitably is too.
  • Manual / Sport. Drivers can choose which gear to engage, by moving the lever up or down, as many times as you want to get the gear up or down.

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