The actress Paola Cerimele died in a car accident in Molise: the companion who was with her was serious

The actress Paola Cerimele died in a car accident in Molise: the companion who was with her was serious

Serious road accident in Molise: the actress Paola Cerimele died, she had acted with Sergio Castellitto. His partner in the hospital in a coma

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The actress died Paola Cerimele, he was 48 years old. In her career, the Molise artist has acted in dozens of theatrical performances and dozens of films, including “Don’t move” by Sergio Castellitto. The actress was the victim of a serious car accident which took place on Thursday 25 August in Molise. The companion who was in the car with her, Raffaele Lombardi, is hospitalized in very serious conditions in the hospital.

Actress Paola Cerimele died, the accident in Molise

The incident occurred on the afternoon of Thursday 25 August near San Giovanni Lipioni, in the province of Chieti. The actress Paola Cerimele was traveling by car with her partner Raffaele Lombardi, 56, also an actor: she was returning to Rome from a holiday in her homeland.

As Chieti Today reports, their car, a Fiat Panda, is collided head-on, for reasons yet to be ascertained, with an Audi. In the crash the actress, who sat on the passenger side, died instantly.

The companion remained badly injured: he was transported by helicopter rescue to the Pescara hospital, where he is now in a coma in critical condition. Less serious injuries for the driver of the other car, taken by ambulance to the hospital in Vasto.

Who was Paola Cerimele

Originally from Agnone (Isernia), 48 years old, Paola Cerimele she was an appreciated actress, very attached to her homeland, Molise. In her career she has acted in many films and in dozens of theatrical performances. Among the best known “Do not move” by Sergio Castellitto, a film shot in part in Molise.

Paola Cerimele was also a popular one acting teacher and diction: together with his partner Raffaele Lombardi he had founded the Acting Company in his Molise.

The actress Paola Cerimele died in a car accident in Molise: the companion who was with her was serious

Paola Cerimele with Sergio Castellitto

The meeting with Sergio Castellitto and Margaret Mazzantini

Just the day before the tragic accident Paola Cerimele had shared on her social pages the joy for the meeting that took place in Agnone with Sergio Castellitto And Margaret Mazzantinicolleagues he hasn’t seen since the shooting of “Don’t move”.

“It was an indescribable emotion. Sergio for me was and will always remain a great master of art and humanity. Sometimes life surprises us and gives us so much happiness ”, wrote the actress.

The memory of the mayor of Agnone

“There are no words to describe the immense pain we are all experiencing,” writes on Facebook on mayor of Agnone, Daniele Saia. “To Paola goes the thanks from all the municipal administration for having brought the name of Agnone among the stars, thanks to her immense artistic talent, the result of study, passion and commitment”.

“A stubborn, determined woman. She had acted in famous films directed by directors such as Sergio Castellitto and Giulio Base. Always linked to her origins, Paola had decided to invest here in Molise by founding the stable acting company. Her absence will cause a deafening roar, a unbridgeable void. Our deepest condolences to all his loved ones ”.


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